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Beautiful DruidCraft Ace
This week in my Mystical Living Tip of the Week I talked about inner illumination and, as I did, I realized that this is something I have been neglecting!

Working on the manuscript and the house does take up a lot of time.  And I have been working with spirit in my dreams, receiving ideas and lines and sometimes entire passages for the book telepathically and scribbling them down the moment I wake up. But something is off.

I feel that I'm on the right track and yet not quite and that feeling has been growing.  As I wrote the newsletter I realized that I'm not meditating as often as I should and I'm not remembering my visual dreams or doing my astral travel exercises at all.

I am out of balance and whenever I am out of balance I feel pulled to the things I need.  So this week I bought a lovely (and interesting) book on on astral travel by first time author Khartika Goe.  The book is called The Multidimensional Traveler  and I'm enjoying it a lot.

I found that I especially resonated with Goe's experience with water and noticed that I've been increasingly drawn to water in the past few weeks.  I was also pleased to read that her etheric experience of the colors blue and red was consistent with my own.  And I realized just how much I wanted to see those vivid, shining blues again.

So I resolved to restart my lucid dream work and astral travel protocol - and not give up.  I even made  a short list of my goals with astral travel and lucid dreamwork at the top and then, having a few spare hours, I decided to do a bit of work on my space.

I set up a table for my tarot readings and scrying and brought down my big pink conch shell and put it in a prominent location.  Then I listened to Native American panpipes and rearranged my brand new (but growing) owl collection, books and tarot cards until it was time to go to visit my friend Tara (who I haven't seen for several months).

Get the Book
Tara had made the decision to move out of our local flood zone (as I did two years ago), and she's been busy with the move.  Her new house is on mountain - just like ours.  Unlike ours however, Tara has a view not only of the setting sun and moon but of the valley below.  From a distance that valley is lovely.  And the energy of the mountain was absolutely right.

Sitting in Tara's charming old fashioned kitchen, we caught up, exchanged gifts, drank tea and read each others cards. Tara's gifts  were resonant as always.  They included a card set and book I had admired, a beautiful Persian reading cloth, an amethyst pendant, a vivid blue mosaic candle dish, sea shells and several lovely pieces of blue sea glass.

There were other things as well and I loved them all.  But what struck me most was the brilliant blues and ocean pieces Tara had included.  When I remarked on it, she told that she had just felt that I needed the energy of water.

So I read tarot for Tara and then she read for me.  Because Tara is a professional card reader and highly psychic (check out her webpage here) I always try to ask an important question.  This time that question was about my goals - which I didn't share.  Tara shuffled, stopped, and told me she had heard an owl.  She said she felt that was my totem and I told her about my new collection.  The magic had begun.

Pulling more cards, Tara went on to give me her impressions of moons and butterflies, the dream world, water, the etheric and the element of air.  She told me she was getting information on letting go, not forcing things, the world of action, "keen insight," writing about what people want to learn and changing my writing style but continuing my work on manifesting.  She then went on to mention astral travel (twice), eventual victory, integrating the two sides of the brain, and, you guessed it, Native American panpipes.

Every comment resonated.  

Reading One
Back home in my newly rearranged living room, I thought about the synchronicity of Goe's book and Tara's presents and the wonderful reading she'd given me.  Then I set down at my new reading table, surrounded by the lovely energy of Tara's gifts, and pulled three cards from my favorite deck.

Those cards are pictured to the right.  They include the Moon, the 8 of Wands and the 4 and the 4 of Swords.

I was struck by the flowing water of the Moon and the associations that card has to dreams and subconscious.  And I liked the connection to air and the swift action of the 8.  But I was less excited about the 4 of Swords.  So I consulted the wonderful book that comes with the DruidCraft boxed edition:

"There is a time to confront, to stand up, to challenge," the book read.  "But there is also a time to withdraw, to retreat into the self to find again the sources of your power...Now is a good time for retreat, and for focusing on spiritual practices that revitalize the soul."

Drawing a fourth card, I received the Ace of Cups (as pictured above) - one of my favorites in the deck.  This Ace is a card of renewal and new beginnings, creative inspiration or (per the book) the "start of a period of fruitful dreaming."  The reading was resonant but I wanted to know more about this new beginning and where it might lead.  So I shuffled nine times and drew three more cards.

You can see them in the second photo below patiently repeating themselves for my benefit.

9 Good Shuffles Later + Blue Dish, Sea Glass, Candle Holder, Persian Cloth from Tara
What else can I say but that this message has been received?  And thank my good friend for the amazing guidance and the beautiful gifts and the opportunity to take some of that wonderful energy with me!
  • To order Khartika Goe's fascinating book, please check out the publisher's website.
  • To learn more about my friend Tara and her amazing readings please check out her website at
  • To read about my own inter-dimensional journey, as mentioned above, please see the following post: Dreams: The Wandering Soul

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