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This past Sunday saw a Full Moon in my own moon sign of Cancer.  Cancer is a water sign.  A sign of intuition and emotion and homecoming.  And my manifestation goals reflected this though perhaps not as well as they could have done.

My actions leading up to this Full Moon, however, did reflect the energy of Cancer.  As such, I cleaned and cleared and organized and that work is ongoing.  The Waning Moon is now in Leo, my Sun Sign, and I'm structuring today's manifestation work around that fact.

Our Sun Sign reflects our sense of self and Leo is very self-conscious sign.  Perhaps because I'm on the cusp of Virgo, however, I've never had the easy confidence usually attributed to Leo.  My self-consciousness is there, certainly, but it tends to run in a critical direction.

Ego can manifest in different ways so for this waning cycle of the moon, I've decided to set an intention for the energy of Leo to burn away all insecurities and negative feedback loops interfering with my goals.  And, at the same time, I'll removing other unneeded things from my physical space.

As within so without <3

Sunday 5AM Full Cancer Moon in the Western Sky

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  1. Love it! Working with the energy does wonders. Resisting never works...

  2. Thank you so much Delia <3 Yes, I am a firm believer in alignment!


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