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Yesterday I received a comment on my 11:11 and the Repeating Number Phenomena post.  Reading over the original article, I noticed that I'd offered to write a followup on the number 11 and not done so.  This post delivers on that promise.

11 is, as many of us already know, is one of three double digit numbers numerologists refer to as the "master" numbers.  These numbers are believed to possess a greater potential than other (single digit) numbers.  11 is the first master number.  22 and 33 are the second and third.

In other instances, numerology works by reduction.  As such, my birth date (8/22/1957) is a seven because 8+2+2+1+9+5+7=34 and 3+4=7.  But master numbers aren't reduced.  Instead they stand upon their own.  If I was one year older, for example, my birth date would factor out to 33, which would NOT reduce to 6 but remain as a master.

Master numbers are thought to possess a higher energy than ordinary numbers and this makes them unique.  According to numerologist Hans Decoz, master numbers also represent illumination and a channel to the subconscious. Of all possible numbers, Decoz calls 11 the most intuitive (or psychic) number - which may explain the repeating number phenomena, in part.  

Decoz goes on to describe the 11 as a dynamic number with an inborn duality and a tendency to walk "the edge between greatness and self destruction."  To my mind, polarity is a given with the 11 because we are taking all the wonderful building energy of the number one and doubling without combining - creating two beginnings, two potentialities, two chances for things to manifest in two completely different ways.  How incredibly exciting and - what potential for disaster!

But what of the 11:11 digital display everyone is seeing?  What of not two ones - but four?

If two is divergent, four is solid (numerologically) but four is much more than solid.  To me, four represents the totality of earth and the reality of the physical plane.  There are four elements after all and four directions and four corners (whatever that might mean) of the earth.  And four is the way we build things (as evidenced in platforms and tables and houses), making it the perfect symbol for the material.

11 is energy, illumination and the unconscious realm.  Four is earth. 

So, considering that earth is the realm in which we find ourselves when we look at our digital displays, I have to ask - is 11:11 an energetic nod to the physical?  A kind of high five from one dimension to the next?  And is it the intuition of the 11 that allows us to receive that greeting - and share it here? 

My guess is yes.

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