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I'm very excited to announce that I will be starting Robert Bruce's five week online astral projection course (The Practical Astral Projection Intensive) this week and, with it, my own six week series on astral projection.  

In this series, I'll be sharing on the Astral Dynamics course, Bruce's method, the practice of astral projection (or out of body experience / OBE), and my own experience with the material.

Most, if not all, of my own out of body experience to date has originated in the dream state.  And it's my belief that I have visited other dimensions and met with family and friends who have passed in my dreams.  According Bruce, this is not unusual. 

Robert Bruce maintains that we all access the out of body state during dreams but that recalling these inter-dimensional experience is difficult due to what he terms the "mind-split effect."

The mind-split (as described in Bruce's wonderful book Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences) describes a process of splitting or replicated our consciousness, creating a sort of energetic double which is free to travel the astral dimension.  The other part of our consciousness, or master copy, remains with our physical body. 

While the mind-split effect may sound fantastic, I find it highly resonant with my own experience.  I often have a sense of reintegration when waking up from a dream.  For a few magical moments, my dream experience hovers on the edge of my awareness.  If I don't get to my dream journal fast enough, I can actually feel the memory of my dream dissolving into thin air. 

For me, these dream memories are fundamentally different than ordinary brain based memory.  Ordinary memories may get lost (or misfiled) but once retrieved they are quite stable.  They don't hover, in my experience, and I have never had one dissolve just beyond the edge of waking consciousness. 

Bruce calls such memories shadow memory, remarking that they are subtle and easily overridden by waking consciousness.  If not "downloaded" to physical memory, usually within a few moments of waking, they are, often irretrievably, lost.

It isn't just my perception of dream memory however that I find consistent with the idea of the projectable double however.  I also find Bruce's concepts consistent with my own understanding of metaphysics.

Non-physical reality is, to my understanding, fundamentally different from the physical is several observable and very consistent ways.  Unlike the more concrete and localized experiences of the physical realm, our energetic reality is subtle, fragile, mutable and pervasive.  So it isn't surprising to me, that the mental processes that occur in this state would take on these same characteristics.

According to Bruce, where most of us "fail" in our deliberate out of body exploration is at the point of re-entry when we may drift into sleep without downloading our memories into the long-term (or relatively stable) storage of our of physical mind.

To me this is wonderful news.  Astral exploration is not, per Robert Bruce, a pinnacle attainable to a select few but a place we all frequent, albeit unknowingly, and one which we are all capable of bringing into our conscious awareness.  This week I'll be working on improving my dream recall using the affirmations and shadow-memory trigger phrases mentioned in Astral Dynamics, as well as working on increasing my awareness (and recall) of the hypnogogic imagery I routinely see as I drift off to sleep.

The information I've shared in this post is only part of Bruce's approach and the Practical Astral Projection Intensive which I am beginning.  The major focus of Astral Dynamics is the energy work which helps to strengthen the energy body (or double) and promote the awareness of this other self which makes conscious OBE possible.  And the course explores all of this and more.

I'll be sharing more on my experience with the material as I progress through the course.  And do please keep in mind that this course start tomorrow and that enrollment is still open at:  Practical Astral Projection Intensive!  Would love to see you there <3

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Also - I'm thrilled to announce that I'll be doing a video interview with Robert Bruce in March.  So please do check back!

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