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As you may recall I recently spent two trying weeks adapting this template and making other sweeping changes in my great big blog overhaul. You may also remember me saying that it would be a long time before I redid another website or blog.

I did mean that - then - but my memory of struggling with this template faded, I noticed that my satisfaction with the result was the kind of satisfaction you feel when you remodel.  The blog looked great but the other sites looked a bit dingy in comparison.

So I decided to put in the time to redo all three of my other sites at once.

I did this using three standard Weebly templates and Weebly's very user friendly drag and drop editor.  I made a few very minimal HTML tweaks - such as justifying the sub-headline text and changing a few headlines from upper case to capitalize - but none of this was really necessary (or particularly hard to do).

That said, I played around with the editor for hours and it did get a bit buggy.  A couple of calls to customer service mostly (but not completely) addressed that - which is not necessarily their fault. As I ran out of time, I decided that I could live with what didn't get fixed.

The rep I spoke with the most was great and I'm sure that, if I had more time to put into it, all issues could be resolved.

It's my opinion that, for the money, Weebly is probably the best web design tool around (free if you want their ad at the bottom and are willing to forgo a couple of media options / $27 a year for 10 sites parked elsewhere if you want the full package).

Anyway here are screen shots of each of the sites.  Please do feel free to visit them to discover what's below the fold :)  Over all I am quite happy with the results!

Site #1.  To view full page plus slideshow please visit
Site #2. For more on my readings please see
Site #3.  In preparation for the book.  Check it out at
Do I need three websites plus a very active blog?  Probably not.  But I do love to make them!

For more on my recent blog crisis and resulting overhaul please see Blog Spell: The Mystical Power of True Transformation!

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