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Today, I am recording my very first video interview with astrologer Erin Sullivan.  This is the kick-off for my new Mystical Pathways series and I could not have hoped for a better first guest!

Sullivan is a working astrologer, a wonderful writer and the creator of her own video course on astrology.  I have just finished her wonderful book, The Astrology of Midlife and Aging, and wanted to take moment to share a bit about what I have learned.

Astrology is not, as Sullivan's work highlights, just about birth charts - it is about the planetary cycles that occur throughout our lives. 

Planetary returns (such as the solar return that is our birthday) occur at regular intervals during the lifespan and each of these returns is an influential event. In the Astrology of Midlife and Aging, Sullivan gently but firmly walks us through the planetary cycles that occur in the second half of life helping us to meet our own selves head on.

Astrologically speaking, the time we call midlife begins between the ages of 37 and 41 when Uranus opposes its original place in our chart.  This is the time, Sullivan tells us, that "something mysterious takes place within the psyche" causing us to recollect our life, examine the things we have not done, and move forward with greater awareness and purpose - something which I definitely feel I have done!

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of astrology and the work of that great pioneer of the psyche Carl Jung, Sullivan explores this important transition as well as those that come after.  She reminds us that "midlife - all life, in fact - is a process...not an event" and then offers an astrologer's perspective on how we might align with the available planetary energies to make the most of this very significant process.

Sullivan goes on to provide specific information for the many crossover events of the latter half of our lives, including the Uranian opposition, second Saturn return and the return of the lunar nodes.  This information is organized by birth year - making The Astrology of Midlife and Aging a wonderful personal reference for anyone interested in life after forty (or 37).

I particularly enjoyed Sullivan's wonderful writing, deep knowledge and sincere thirst for  self-discovery.  "Faith in the gods is good," she tells us, "but faith in one's own deepest self, which knows who one is about to become, is better."

I could not agree more!

*Please check back for Erin Sullivan's wonderful interview later this week!

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