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Tonight's new moon occurs not in Aries but in the very last degree of Pisces.  That it occurs on the same day as a total solar eclipse and 13 hours before the vernal equinox, is highly significant. 

In connecting with tonight's new moon we connect with the dreamy and mysterious energy of Pisces.  But we will not stay there.  Spring is on it's way. 

With Spring comes a time of new beginnings.  A fresh start.  A brand new fire sign beginning.  And new moons, of course, mark a new beginning too even when they occur in the last degree of the last sign in the zodiac. 

So this new moon, this solar eclipse, this first day of Spring marks an important transition from an inner or hidden reality to one that everyone can see.  This the perfect to set intentions that align with shift.  So I'll be setting the intention to bring my ideas (and dreams) to light.

We can also look at our natal chart to find out where this new moon (at 29 degrees Pisces) falls.  In my natal chart, I see that 29 degrees Pisces falls in my personal 3rd House.  The 3rd House is ruled by Gemini and governs transportation and communication - which very resonant with my goals.

If you have your own birth chart handy, just find the 29th degree and Pisces and see which house will be affected by this very special moon.  And don't forget to light a white (or blue or purple candle) and state your intentions tonight!

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