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Yours Truly, Sad Victim of 70s Fashion
After reading several book and multiple websites on the spiritual classification of individuals by color, I have come to feel that I have a great deal in common with the early Indigos - the so called scouts who shredded themselves against the sharp rocks of the sixties status quo.

I base this not only on my creativity, intuition and life-long spiritual hunger but on a series of traits that seem to me consistent with the Indigo ideal.

Various New Age sources describe the Indigo child as unusually sensitive and I was a very sensitive child, suffering from severe social anxiety and terrible allergies. I could not wear wool or many synthetic fibers. I got hives, had asthma and tasted the plastic in bottled milk. I felt aware of what everyone was thinking and feeling and instinctively knew when friends were being false.

I had a lot challenges both at home and at school and was both sensitive and tough and often too outspoken.  Although I disliked school, I did love to learn and what I loved best was ancient history and religion. Growing up in a non-religious home I had an early interest in the bible and felt a sense of great wonder at the ancient texts of Genesis and Exodus. I sensed the present of departed family members and tuned in on the energy of people and of places. There was a time when I thought that everyone could recognize people or locations by energy alone.

So I can say yes to each of Doreen Virtues 17 listed traits, save one. Mostly however I feel I have that Indigo sense that I have a spiritual mission that I don't completely understand and this is expressed in a dream I had in 2005 (see entry Dreams: The Wandering Soul). My understanding of this dream is continually evolving. I first applied it to the spiritual realms in this post, Journey of Souls: The Key to a Dream. Over the last few weeks I have started to reflect on the significance of color in a new way and drawing a more direct connection between the woman in blue and my higher self.

While I have always felt isolated from the mainstream, I find myself closely surrounded by other Indigos. My friend Tara is a text book case. As are my kids and (I suspect) at least one or two other friends I've had over time.

While this is probably unusual in a statistical sense, i's lucky as well. Not all the members of my inner circle embrace their spiritual nature at this point in time but I find great comfort in being able to share my ideas of spirit with those who do!

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