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I've been using the Awoken lucid dreaming app for Android for the last three weeks.  I have found the app to be very helpful for the random daytime  reality checks that lucid dream experts such as Stephen LaBerge recommend  

Since most of us are not in the habit of questioning our reality when we're awake, we are even less likely to question it when we're asleep.  When odd things happen in dreams, we tend to rationalize them away.  Reality checks encourage us to be more discerning.

The free version of the app allows the user to perform both daytime and nighttime reality checks.  For the nighttime checks the user sets random notifications (called dream clues) to go off throughout the night.  When the notification is heard during sleep, it acts as a trigger, causing the user to evaluate the dream state and discover they are dreaming.

Because all random Awoken checks use your phone's own notification tones, you have the the option of downloading and using nonstandard notifications  (I have crickets) that are less intrusive than a chime or beep.  And you can also choose to use the same notification tone (at a lower volume) at night.  The frequency of the checks (number of times heard per day or night) can be adjusted as well. All of these features are included in the free version of the app.

The app also has a free dream diary which is very nicely done.  All entries can be backed up to a cloud and can also be analyzed for reoccurring themes.  You can also access a google plus group from the app which may be worth checking out and there is a fair amount of useful content on lucid dreaming provided free as well.

While I liked everything else about the app, I had mixed feelings about the premuim text-to-speech feature. I found that not all words transcribed correctly when I mumbled into the phone in the middle of the night.  This is something that I'm sure would happen with any text-to-speech program out there but for dream recording it can be problematic. 

Because dreams don't always make strict contextual sense, it's difficult to evaluate test-to-speech transcription errors.  When talking about something that happened when you were awake, for example, it might be quite clear that 'cat' really means 'can.'  In dreams that's not necessarily a given. For people who don't want to write or type in the middle of the night (which can also be difficult to decipher), however, text-to-speech might be a viable option.

It's my intention to work with the text-to-speech option again and see if I can get adapt to it.  One advantage of using the dream diary (either through the recorder or standard texting) is that it creates a keyword list.  I haven't worked with this list yet so I can really say here is that it is available.

The standard app is free.  Text-to-speech and dark theme cost $1.49 which probably makes the paid app worth a try if you don't want to write or type.  Overall I found Awoken to be the most user friendly and well designed app of the 9 lucid dreaming apps I downloaded and reviewed!

All features (as listed in the Google Play Store) are:
  • Dream Journal with optional pin-protection: Have a silent notification ready each morning to start recollecting your dream. Keep your journal entries in a searchable list and protect your dreams if needed.
  • Reality Checking: Reminders to analyze your surroundings, so you can learn to check if you are dreaming.
  • Dream Clues: low audio cues that can trigger your lucid dreaming by playing a special Totem Sound you choose.
  • Cloud backup of your dreams! Create an optional cloud account to backup your dreams if you want to.
  • Dream Patterns: The most common words and themes from your journal can be viewed in a list so you can analyze your dreams better.
  • Pausing your training: Learning lucid dreaming takes some time. Sometimes you want to pause your training for just a few days.
  • Oneironaut Achievements: An explorer of dream worlds is called an Oneironaut. Follow you progress and keep track of your stats.
  • Dark theme across the whole app is now available as a premium feature.
  • Continuous Speech-To-Text in the dream journal, for when you're just awake enough to start collecting your subconscious adventure, but not awake enough to want to use the keyboard.

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