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On Tuesday evening I visited with my friend Tara and received a wonderful and highly resonant reading on my writing, cards readings and overall life path.  The cards she drew for me on my writing are pictured at left.  

That first reading was on the topic of my writing. I asked Tara about my recent decision to put the spiritual manuscript on hold and concentrate on a fantasy piece that interests me.

The first card, the 8 of Cups shows me walking away from the spiritual manuscript for now. The shining Sun represents my true identity (I'm a leo). The 7 of Pentacles showed the yield (and my birth number). The 6 of swords, me leaving my struggles w writing behind.

The King of Wands shows a key character in my book (and the guide I feel closest to) very much as I see him visually - and otherwise. The 8 of Wands free flight and things moving very quickly. The Goddess cards are pretty much self explanatory but I love that I got abundance and feel a lot of resonance with owls (one of my three totem birds).

Of course none of this covers the wonderful psychic information Tara brought through which was perfect as always.  I always leave her house feeling inspired and recharged!

I forgot to take a picture on the second reading but it was about other aspects of my work (card reading, media, etc.).  The second reading suggested that I allow things to develop naturally with my tarot biz, while stressing communication and speaking and as she just reminded me - it also showed the Page of Wands (her radio card).  As I've just done my first internet radio show at a new time - Thursdays 1PM ET- that definitely fits.  

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