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I'm just beginning week 4 of the Practical Astral Projection Intensive workshop given by astral projectionist and author of Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences Robert Bruce.  I have not had a conscious OBE as of yet but I do feel I'm getting close.  As an additional (and very important) benefit the energy work is really helping me.

Bruce, who is considered one of the world's foremost experts on astral projection, is the author of Astral Dynamics, Energy Work, Mastering Astral Projection and Psychic Self-Defense.  As someone who has astral projected naturally since childhood, he has done a lot of out of body exploration and his metaphysical knowledge reflects that fact.

ify;"> Recently in the Astral Dynamics forum, Robert Bruce posted a very interesting article, in it he shared that he had been instructed (in the out of body state) to focus on the metaphysical truths he had directly experienced.  His list followed.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and decided to create my own list which was, in the end, quite close to his.

Everything on my list was experience by me either through my psychic perceptions, dream communication or out of body travel in dreams.  Here it is:
  1. OBE and non-physical dimensions are real. I have traveled to and from other dimensions several times.
  2. Avatars and guides are real. I have had clear and evidential experience of at least one avatar and several guides.
  3. I know we survive death. I have met with passed loved ones in very evidential ways on multiple occasions.
  4. Psychic phenomena is real. I've experienced clairvoyance, telepathy and strong intuition on numerous occasions.
  5. I know dreams can serve as a gateway to other dimensions because I've had several experiences through dreams or immediately upon awakening.
  6. Negative energies exist. I have seen dark energy first-hand.
  7. Other dimensions exist in some sort of continuum. I've experienced vivid and bright (or higher) energetic realities as well as murky (lower) ones.
  8. Higher or spiritual guidance is real. I have received specific guidance telepathically, through strong intuition, dreams, visions and synchronistic events.
  9. Non-physical energy is real. I have seen and experienced divine light and color and know that it exerts a healing effect.
  10. Nonphysical energy can directly manifest into the physical as I have seen happen in synchronistic events or signs, as well as through my own manifestation work.
So these are the things I intend to focus on, in a spiritual sense. Things that are not on the list are off the radar for now.  Even if it something I feel I believe in (like reincarnation) but have not been shown conclusive personal proof.
To this end, I'm working with OBE through the Practical Astral Projection Intensive workshop, working more intensely with my guides, going to development circle, working on my clairvoyant abilities, doing at least one hour of meditation (with energy work) per day and working very intensely with my dreams. 

This I feel is enough <3

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