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I just finished the Practical Astral Projection Intensive with author of  Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body ExperiencesRobert Bruce and what a great experience it was! 

I had a number of incredible experiences as I worked with the material - including a partial astral projection, energy clearing and healing, energetic sensations (vibrations, moving forward, dropping, etc.) and a few very vivid clairvoyant visions. In some instances the sensations were very intense, as was the clairvoyant imagery.

One of the most interesting visions I had was of a series of purple monochrome landscapes. These were unlike my usual full spectrum hypnagogic imagery and more like a psychic vision which are (for me) very often monochromes - blue and black, purple and black etc.

This particular vision began as a purple lake or swamp with several islands and a lot of reflected light. The light on the water was blinding and as I watched the image began to flash, toggling back and forth between that scene and others (sky, trees, birds). This back and forth shift was quite intense.  And the shifted continued faster and faster until it was alternating so quickly it almost seemed as if it was strobing.

I had a very fleeting sense of movement and wondered if I might be going out of body. Then I wondered if I could feel my body and thought about my hands (which I couldn't feel at all) and began to return to ordinary consciousness.

A short time after this experience (actually in the very next lesson) I learned about chakra strobing, which can occur as flashing or other sensations.  After reading this material, I posted in the class forum to asked Robert Bruce if the experience might have been a brow chakra strobe.  
Robert responded, telling me that some of the symptoms I described (the purple and black coupled with the regular 'flashing/strobing') were consistent with the early stages of the creation of the Vision Screen Phenomenon which he described as a high level of clairvoyance, a bit like a psychic TV that can also become a portal for an OBE.

I had never heard of the Vision Screen Phenomena before but it is something I very much intend to encounter again!

To read my review of the Practical Astral Projection Intensive please check back next week!

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