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This month's full Moon in Libra occurs on Saturday April 4th at a little after 8 AM ET in the company of a full lunar eclipse.

Kind of cool considering that the new Moon that began this cycle (in Pisces) on the first day of spring came on the same day as a Piscean solar eclipse.

This month's lunar eclipse will turn the moon reddish creating the third blood moon in less than a year.  Big things are happening!  

The full Moon is a time of manifestation and culmination.  It is a particularly good time to bring any intentions set at the last new Moon to fruition (or to set intentions that resonant with any issues you've been struggling with over the last four weeks).

Looking at the astrology allows us to set intentions that align with the astrological influences in play. This allows our individual intentions to ride a universal current of energy and provides some serious added oomph.  This oomph, in my opinion, is the heart and soul of any sort of moon magic.

Because this full Moon is also an eclipse it is a  time when hidden themes are likely to surface.  I find this especially interesting because last month’s new Moon in Pisces (a sign of hidden things if there ever was one) plus solar eclipse plus the first day of Spring suggest a transition from an inner or hidden reality to one that everyone can see, as well.  

On that new Moon I set an intention for increased light and clarity regarding my writing which has in fact occurred though, I suspect, not quite finished. And so on tomorrow's full  Moon in Libra I’ll be setting an intention for the balance, harmony and discernment I need to move forward. These goals are very resonant with the sign of Libra - as evidenced the symbol of Libra (the scale) which signifies balance, equality, harmony, and balance. And meets the criteria of aligning with the astrological energies very well in my opinion.   

But we don't have to stop there.  If we want to really hone our Moon magic we can also see where this new Moon / lunar eclipse falls in our own chart.  And that is surprisingly easy to do.  Since this new moon is charted at 14 degrees Libra, all we have to do is look at our birth chart and see where 14 degrees Libra is placed. For me, in my own natal chart, this is the 8th house.   

Traditionally the Eighth house rules death, taxes and sex, it can be a house of soul level change.  It is also the house of letting go, and immediately precedes the universal houses which begin with the 9th house.  Since most of my planets happen to fall in the universal houses (with the exception of Saturn in the first house and, you guessed it, the Moon in the 8th) this seems significant to me.  A gateway, if you will, to the yet unrealized destiny my chart suggest.   

Using this information, I was also able to decide that I want to set an additional intention for releasing ego (which manifests for me as doubt and fear) and transitioning into my own life purpose.

By looking at your own chart you can hone your intentions as well. But if you don't want to go to the trouble, don't worry.

The energies are available either way. Case in point, I didn't set a specific intention for the energy of the new Moon in Pisces to aid in the release of the hidden blockages that related to my creativity but the energy has been hard at work doing that all month anyway!

Watching the Eclipse: This eclipse will began at 6:16 AM ET on the morning of April 4th when the edge of the Moon first moves into the amber shadow of the Earth. That shadow will steadily move across the face of the Moon until it is steadily covered at 7:58 AM ET. And if you stay up a few more minutes the Moon will be full.

I will be getting up even though it will probably be too light in NE Pennsylvania to see. Basking in energy of a full moon lunar eclipse and speaking your intentions as it occurs is a powerful experience - best done outside underneath the stars! 

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