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The Practical Astral Projection Intensive course with projectionist and author Robert Bruce is a highly structured and well thought out course by one the world's top experts in the metaphysical art of astral projection. 

In addition to being a best selling author of several wonderful books on the topic of astral projection, energy work and more, Robert is a wonderful teacher with a real knack for helping solve problems and interpret his student's experience.  

Robert's presentation of the material is both articulate and engaging. His co-instructor Bob Felix (who has worked extensively with the late Robert Monroe) is wonderful presenter as well.

The course is true to its name and very practical in nature.  As such, it is structured to build skills gradually through progressive energy work and related exercises that accompany each of the ten sessions.  Every session features a series of video lectures by Robert or, less often, Bob Felix, a related practice and supplementary reading.

The Practical Astral Projection Intensive utilizes Robert Bruce's unique and very effective Body Imaging technique coupled with the Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync recordings (developed by Bob Felix).  I found this combination very effective and have continued to work with both methods even though the course has ended.

Robert's Body Imaging technique has wide spiritual applications, including increased psychic abilities, clearing and healing - all of which I experienced in the course of the program. 

In addition to the practical aspects of the course, all students will benefit from Robert's metaphysical instruction which includes a thorough knowledge of energy work and first-hand experience with multiple dimensions.

Having a conscious astral projection is, in my opinion, a very high level spiritual activity.  As such, it requires a fair amount of dedication and a willingness to work with the material.  This is as it should be because the payoff of having a conscious astral projection is potentially life changing.

To date, my only full astral projections have occurred in the dream state.  I did have, however, experience an incredible partial projection during the course which I take as an indicator that a full astral projection is coming.

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