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This month's full moon occurs on Sunday, May 3rd in the sign of Scorpio, a sign that figures prominently in my chart. 

Originally known as the sign of the Phoenix, the energy of Scorpio is powerful, focused and potentially regenerative.  I say potentially, because the potential for destruction is there as well.  

This is as it should be, of course. Transformation is very often a two step process.  And there are times when things must be torn down to make way for new growth.  

This full moon is a wonderful time to set an intention for growth and transformation.  If there are any habits or blockages that you want to release, consider setting that intention, too, as the moon begins wane (any time after 11:42PM ET on Sunday) and journal daily on the results.

If you enjoy using candles you may choose to light candles in the Scorpio themed colors of red or black.  For clearing intentions light these candles on Sunday just before the full moon and allow them to safely burn out as the moon begins to wane. For manifestation or growth, light your candles tonight and let the energy of the powerful last few hours of the growing moon carry your intentions forth.

As Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini during this full moon, intentions related to communication are appropriate, too.  And if you didn't get to celebrate Beltane, include a bit of green and a colorful candle to represent the rebirth of spring.  As rebirth is the flip side of transformation, I think it fits!

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