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Created by cultural anthropologist Sky Cybele, the Mythical Creatures Oracle Deck focuses on 44 mythical creatures from cultures around the globe. 

The set includes 44 attractive cards, a high quality 160 page book and a sturdy box suitable for gift giving. 

The book tells the story of each mythical creature in a clear and understandable way. The folklore and legends it relates add depth to the divinatory reading and offer a wonderful opportunity to learn. In addition to the description of the cards, the book includes a keyword list as well as information on mythical totems, divination, power-working and more.

The Mythical Creatures cards, while not unusually large, fit comfortably in the hand. The artwork is colorful, well-executed and appropriately scaled and easy to see.

The Phoenix or Benu Bird of Ancient Egypt
Each card in the deck depicts a different mythical creature. Some, like the Egyptian Ammut, were best known in ancient times, while others (like the Werewolf) have remained in popular culture to the present day.  

In my first reading with the Mythical Creatures Oracle, I was pleased to see the Griffin, Phoenix and Sphinx appear. I have always felt a resonance with each of these ancient and highly symbolic beings and could make a clear connection between my own life experience and the message that they share.  
My question for this reading was, what do I need to do to make my book a reality?

The appearance of the Phoenix aligned with the guidance I've received on this topic and the personal transformation that gave birth to my idea.  The Griffith reinforced my own understanding of what is necessary to complete the work involved (personal courage and confidence).  The Tengu appropriately recommended discipline, focus and learning. And the Sphinx reminded me that at the heart of what I'm doing lies the silence and the mystery of spirit.

A truly perfect reading!

The Griffin: One of the Oldest Mythical Creatures of Western Civilization

The Mysterious Sphinx of Ancient Egypt

The Tengu: The Mountain Dwelling Supernatural Beings of Japanese Folklore

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