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The Saffron Bearers. 17th century BCE Minoan fresco from the House of the Ladies in Akrotiri  at Thera (Santorini)

Ladies in Blue.  Minoan Fresco at Knossos (Crete)
Minion Dolphin Fresco at Knossos (Crete)
Minoan Monkey Fresco at Thera (Santorini) 
"Throne" Hall at Knossos.  Considered not a palace but a temple by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and others.
North Portico at Knossos (Crete)
A fresco from the House of the Ladies in Akrotiri at Thera (Santorini)
I wanted to share these images because one of my guides lived in Minoan, then Mycenaean times and finally in ancient Ireland and it was she who first told me about the Aegean island of Thera.  

Many believe that Plato's accounts of Atlantis were based of the destruction that occured at Thera (Santorini) which I find very likely.

The Minoans were highly advanced, Goddess worshiping matrilineal culture which strongly influenced the later civilization of the ancient Greeks and quite possibly other Indo-European cultures as well. 

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