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Tonight's new moon falls in the sign of Cancer.  Something I find auspicious on a personal level because Cancer is my moon sign.  It is also the sun sign of two of my children and one deceased family member.  So believe me when I say that I know this energy!

Perhaps because the changeable moon rules Cancer, Cancer is sign with a paradoxical energy.  It is sensitive and easily wounded but surprisingly tenacious in any situation involving family, especially children. I always say that in tarot each of the queens can represent a particular sort of mother.  The Cancer mother is intuitive and sometimes too attached but always available to those she loves.

The energy of Cancer, aside from the domain of family, aligns with the moon, riding its currents and sensing its magic.  It is a moody, beautiful sign.  Psychic and gentle.  Loyal and deep.  

This new moon appearing its own sign is especially meaningful to me and I have already done my manifestation work, setting intentions for inspiration and dreams and the welfare of those I love.
New moon blessings <3


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