Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Blog!

As of August 22nd, the blog and I have turned another year older together.

For me, birthdays have always been a time of taking stock of things in every possible direction. What was. What could have been.  What is.  And what may come.  All important considerations. All worth the time it takes to put them into perspective.

And so on my  birthday, I like to look back.  Not as an exercise in nostalgia necessarily  (though nostalgia does creep in) but as a method of figuring out how far I have come and if I'm still on track.  Generally I'll look back far enough to get some perspective but not far enough to lose it.

Because the blog and I share a birthday, I took a look at some of things that have affected us the most.

  • Seven years ago, I had a dream which pulled me out of a huge funk and planted the seed that became this blog.
  • Five years ago today, I made the first connection between the dream and my emerging path. I created The Mystic Review to help me focus on the metaphysical resources I was studying.  
  • Four years ago, the blog and I celebrated our first birthday together.
  • Less than three years ago, while exploring an increasingly New Age path, I noticed I was focusing on mostly New Age material and changed the blog's name to The New Age Review.
  • Two years ago, I began to sit with the spiritualists and made better friends of my guides, departed loved ones and ultimately the Goddess.
  • Less than two years ago, I connected the third dream dot and made the decision to dedicate myself to a Goddess centered path. 
  • One year ago, I began studying with the OBOD and learning more about the history and practice of witchcraft. It was glaringly apparent that I was no longer New Age or mainstream (if I ever was). I thought about abandoning the blog but we'd covered too much ground together.  In the end I renamed the blog (again) and completely redesigned it.  My old Mystic Review URL was taken so I chose instead.
  • Today, thinking about the history the blog and I have shared generated enough nostalgia to make me wonder if whoever had been sitting on for the last five years might have gotten tired of it.  Checking Godaddy, I found  that they had.  So now I'm sitting on it and considering the tedious, and SEO unfriendly, process of changing things - one more time.
So what does all this mean?

Sometimes I feel that the blog and I have been on an erratic path, careening from one spiritual high point to another, trying to make sense of the experiences we share.  But when I step back, I see that it has simply been a process and that, in following that process unreservedly, I have brought things slowly and steadily into focus.

Sometimes our life path is hard to see and the best we do is sight by the stars and trust that we are going in the right general direction. And sometimes things are clearer.

My deepest thanks to all the readers who have shared this wonderful journey with me <3

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