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My last article was on Moon magic and tonight's Full Moon eclipse.

But I felt called to write a second article about another kind of magic.  The kind we don't have research or even necessarily think about at all. The kind we just have to allow.

For me that magic began last night, standing in the grass with my boys watching the almost but not quite full Moon light the sky.

Our shadows stretched across the patio and the moon was so bright it had a blazing iridescence halo. There was an enormous white ring around that bright Moon.  Inside the sky was a deep summer blue. I thought about my intentions and the last Blood Moon eclipse I was blessed to see.

That eclipse occurred in October of 2014.  I had set my alarm for very early in the morning even though I knew that the eclipse would happen close to sunrise and might be difficult to see. When my alarm went off, I wrapped myself in a blanket, and went outside and sat on the back balcony with my youngest son.

The Moon was close to setting in the western sky.  Across the street, customers streamed in and out of the coffee shop, and we watched the sky as the Moon slowly turned a deep glowing autumn orange.

For me, watching the Moon transform in the shadow of the Earth created a connection, a sense of recognition, I can't adequately describe. I could hear the energy that morning, vibrating all around me. And I could sense the energy of ancestors sitting with me, looking up into that same changing sky.

I was relatively new to witchcraft that October.  There was no ritual, no gathering, no carefully scripted words - but the greater magic of the night sky connected me to something that was all those things and more.

Wishing each and everyone of you all the magic tonight can hold!

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