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Tonight, beginning at 10:11 ET, the Earth's shadow will begin to slowly and completely cover the Moon culminating in a coppery colored (Blood Moon) eclipse.

Because this month's Full Moon will be at perigee (its closest point to Earth) it will also be the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2015 (also called a Super Moon) - making tonight's total lunar eclipse plus Super Moon a truly spectacular event, not to be repeated for another 18 years.

As anyone who works with the lunar cycle knows, every Full Moon packs a strong energetic punch. Because an eclipse increases the available lunar energy, tonight's Full (relatively close to earth) Moon provides the perfect opportunity for energetic manifestation or magic.

In my personal practice, I make this work more focused and effective by considering the relevant astrology.

In astrological terms, tonight's lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon is at approximately 5 degrees Aries - and in direct opposition to the 5 degree Libra Sun.  Opposition, in this case, isn't necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it may actually serve to help us integrate opposing elements to create a stronger, more balanced whole. In regard to this Full Moon, the polarities of Aries and Libra might offer an opportunity to balance (Libra) our personal energies and drives (Aries).

For additional insight and focus, you may want to see where this Full Moon falls in your own astrological chart.

To do this just go to a site like and put in your birth date. Now look at your natal chart and find five degrees Aries on the wheel.  If you don't have any planets at this point consider the house (as shown at right).

For me five degrees Aries, falls in the fifth house - the natural house of my Sun sigh of Leo. The fifth house is the house of creativity, passion, and pleasure. It encompasses both our natural enthusiasm for life and the way we channel that energy into our creative pursuits.

Five degrees Libra is in my 10th house of career.

I find it interesting that, even before I had looked at the astrology, I'd already decided that this month's Full Moon manifestation work would focus on clearing my creative channel and improving my creative energetic flow (both 5th house issues) in relationship to writing (my 10th house career of choice).

From a purely magical perspective, the Full Moon is the ideal time for bring any work we began in in the New Moon to fruition.  If you didn't consciously perform any manifestation work early in the month, don't worry - just consider the astrological implications or simply look at the issues and challenges you've been wrestling with over the two weeks.  Then ask yourself, what can be transformed?

Do keep in mind that even a run of the mill Full Moon in Aries is strong, highly energetic event. This energy can be impulsive but it is also bold and courageous - providing a natural and effective starting place for any endeavor. It is also the perfect time to work on any issues regarding new projects or personal identity - especially those having to do with lack of confidence or focus.

My advice?  Don't forget to set an intention even if you only feel called to stand beneath the moon and wish!

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