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This weekend I've been reading "True Magick" by Wiccan author Amber K.  I've read this book before, so I was half reading, half skimming until I got to the author's Elemental Star exercise and stopped.  

At that point I opened my journal answered each of the the Elemental Star questions.  Then I carefully mapped out my star - a barely recognizable pentagram.

What a surprise to find that I'm less balanced than I was the last time I completed the exercise.  No wonder I've been feeling so funky!  I decided to implement Amber's process of balancing my elemental energies ASAP.

Amber K's Elemental Star for anyone who has not read "True Magick" (a book that I have found very helpful) is a way of assessing how balanced we are in terms of the five elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit).  

After you answer the questions the book provides and tally your results, you map out a five pointed star which serves as a chart of your own elemental energies. Templates for the chart are available in the appendix. I could not figure out how to print mine from my Kindle but the star chart is not hard to draw. 

If your star looks like a pentagram you're in good shape.  If any of the five points are short and stumpy, you've got something to work on.  Luckily, the author provides a nice eight step process for doing that work and I'm planning to use it to repair the stumpiest arm of my star - the one that represents the element of Earth - when I'm done with that I'll move on Water which was deficient, as well.

Did I know I was out of balance before taking the test?  Yes I did, even though I was not completely, or even consciously, aware of it.  I did know that I was working a lot and that my usually joy de vivre was flagging. I rationalized that all the researching and studying and writing and promoting and building stuff (i.e. home remodeling) was important.  But, looking at my lop-sided star, I remembered that my relationships, mood, home, and general well being meant more, 

My poor connection to Earth (and to Water) has been apparent not just in my star chart, but in my outer life, as well. I demonstrated that disconnect by forgetting to water my garden and collecting clutter.  I intuitively sought out what I was lacking by focusing my last women's circle on grounding, and by choosing to listen to audio books on grounding/earthing while I was driving.  Being ungrounded, however, I did not make the time to do the things those books suggested!  

Now that I am fully aware of my imbalance, however, I will make time to implement the process "True Magick" suggests. Since the book very practically, recommends working on your weakest element first - I'll be devoting the next few weeks to the element of Earth.  As always, I will post on that process.  With luck my garden, home, and shop will benefit.

For me, the timing is perfect.  Summer is ending.  Fall is at hand. And for me, no matter what other sources may say, Autumn is the season of bringing everything to earth.

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