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My focus, during this changing season, is to reconnect with the element of Earth and to a lesser degree, Water.  I want to become more balanced.  I want my life force energy to flow.  I want to reclaim some things that I used to connect with.

Ideally, our life force is a delicate balance of dissimilar energies.  There are different ways of looking at these energies - including (but not limited to) the five elements of the Taoists, the Indian chakra system, and the Craft concept of five elements (the four traditional elements plus one).  

The five elements, as understood in witchcraft are represented in the pentagram as Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. 
In my last post, I talked about Amber K's Elemental Star which is a great tool for assessing an individual's elemental balance.  While the Elemental Star is a wonderful resource, however, a good hard look at our inner and outer life can tell us a lot.

Here is a short list of elemental associations to think about:

Earth - endurance, stability, focus, and strength.  Our home and garden.
Air - speaking, intellect, inspired ideas, discernment, and wisdom.  Our studies and communication.
Water - emotion, sensitivity, relationships, and psychic senses.  Our relationships and feelings.
Fire - energy level, will, determination, and creativity.  Our goals and career.
Spirit - spiritual beings, soul energy, and spiritual practice.  Our connection to spirit and our own higher self.

If you feel you're deficient in a given element, pick one activity related to that element and incorporate it into your daily routine.  You don't have to do the same thing every day - in fact it's better to mix it up.  And don't try to push yourself or be overly ambitious.  Starting small is best when we're working toward balance and, as with anything, consistency counts.

If you journal, try writing about activities you might like to do.  This could be something quite simple - a long bath before bed (Water), making a to-do list (Fire), reading for a half hour a day (Air), 15 minutes out of doors every morning (Earth) or a short daily ritual or meditation (Spirit).  The point is to start.  As you become more balanced these small things will grow.

Where am I at with all of this?

Today my Earth activity was to water my parched and neglected garden and spend a few minutes in the yard with my best friend (a German Shepherd named Bella).  Not a big activity for sure, but one I consider to be an important first step!

Morning Glories in my backyard.

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  1. Barbara, last year, I did a class on Mandalas at AU, expecting to get some deep psychological and spiritual insights into my psyche, as Carl Jung said his patients did, but instead, I discovered a deep longing to be closely connected to the earth, and in particular, with my local environment. Perhaps because I was born in Russia to Russian parents, I have always had a very strong preference for northern hemisphere environments - wildwoods, birch forests, forest creatures like deer, foxes, wolves etc - and never really liked our Australian environments or native flora and fauna, (although I do love our beaches and rainforests). Somehow, through intuitively drawing mandalas (without any pre-planning), I recognised how estranged I felt from my local environment and how much i wanted to belong. And mandala by mandala, I found myself engaging with the environment more and more deeply. It was almost a shamanistic experience of being drawn into the earth, of communicating with her and her creatures, of feeling held in the loving arms of earth and being constantly guided and supported by living things. It was a truly magical experience, and has brought me into such intimate closeness with my natural environment that it speaks to me through animals and experiences, teaching me and inviting me to play. During that time, I was also drawn to make a medicine wheel. It is not five pointed star, but it does have five points: north, south, east, west, and the centre which reaches up to father sky and down through mother earth. I intuitively chose five animals to represent the power of each point except the middle one, which for me, is a great tree. So while I do not use Wiccan symbolism to connect with earth, I see a very strong common thread running through your five pointed star, the medicine wheel, and mandalas (most of mine which were five pointed). I had not seen that connection until reading your post, Barbara.

    1. Thank you so much, Tosca, for sharing this beautiful experience. I live in Pennsylvania now and love the topography but still have very fond memories of the marshy wetlands and old growth forest of my childhood home in Michigan.

      It is beautiful how you were able to connect with the environment you're in now. And I loved hearing about your experience with the mandalas - something I must put on my to do list.

      "And mandala by mandala, I found myself engaging with the environment more and more deeply." Beautiful!

      I like the idea of incorporating power animals into this. I have had some very meaningful encounters with animals. It would be lovely to include that in my work with the elements.

      I made a medicine wheel too outside and use it as an herb garden. It got a little overgrown last summer (we had a rabbit family living there and I liked the idea of the babies growing up on lemon balm and parsley) but my idea is clear it out for next year and plant magical and medicinal herbs.

      Interesting too that your mandalas were mostly five pointed. There is a lot of that in nature as well so I think it makes sense.

      Would love to see some of your work sometime if you ever care to share it on Facebook :)


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