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Today's Full (super) Moon occurs at 8:05 AM ET, so I got up early to see if I could connect with the available energy.

It was still dark and too cold to meditate out in the yard, so after I gazed at the setting Moon for several minutes, I came in and sat down in my chair to see if I could connect.

Yesterday I read about the October 27th Full Moon and the associated correspondences and wrote a post on the current astrological influences.  Last night visualized the things I hope this particular Moon will help me to manifest before I went to bed.  

But this morning there was no reading or writing or seeing.  There was just feeling and the feeling was delicate and pervasive and vibrating and true. 

I could hear the energy all around me and almost literally taste the element of water like rain on the wind.  And as I let all of that sensation wash over me, I could feel the energy of the Moon as if it was a palpable, physical thing pulling my own choppy and discordant vibration gently into alignment.

This is the true feel of the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus, I thought later.  This is sensation.  This is balance.  This is just exactly what I need.

There are many ways of connecting with the things we wish to incorporate into our lives.  And study and contemplation and ritual are valuable, meaningful ways of bringing needed information and ideas into our lives.  Sometimes however the most meaningful way of connecting is to simply let the energy in.

May each of us do that today in our own individual way!

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