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Some Full Moons are easier to connect with than others.  For those of us who feel a sense of resonance with the steady and oh so physical sign of Taurus, this October 27th Full (super) Moon at 3 degrees Taurus provides an opportunity to expand upon that connection and bring our goals and dreams a bit more into focus.  

But what about those of us who don't feel any sort of affinity for this earthy, comfort loving sign?

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus.  Because of this it has a sensual, yet reality based, disposition.  Sometimes accused of stubbornness, the energy of Taurus is determined and very deliberate.   While Taurus may appear dogged and slow-moving to airy, watery or fiery types (like myself), it is important to remember that this is a sign that finishes the race BEFORE changing direction.  And that finishing is place where we pick up our trophy.

There is a lesson in that which may ring most true for those of us who do NOT connect with it.  Sometimes, in fact, it is the lesson that feels the least resonant that we need the most.

For this Full Moon, I'll be conducting a small private ritual to help funnel a bit of the focus (and follow through) of Taurus  into my own projects and aspirations. My intent is to create more pragmatic approach to my own creative process by establishing a better routine and generally more deliberate approach.

This is my take on this Full Moon and only way to look at this energy, of course!  You may choose to focus on other aspects of the sign of Taurus, the season of Autumn, or simply the beautiful energy of the Full Moon in and of itself.

The Full Moon is, after all, a lunar event and that that energy stays lunar even if we do chose to filter it through astrological or seasonal aspects.  Since connecting with the magic of the Moon is essential for any Full Moon work, I'll be getting up early tomorrow morning to do just that!

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