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My experience with crystal grids began at Inner Peace Holistic Health and Healing Center.  The grid was featured at the monthly gathering given by the center's owner, Donna Will.   

While the rest of the group, enjoyed a wonderful potluck meal and even better company, Donna laid out a beautiful fourth chakra crystal grid in an adjoining room.  When the grid was ready, she smudged and led us in one by one.  She then allowed us time to rest on a mattress and experience the energy of the grid.

When my turn came, I stretched out and drifted into a light peaceful trance.  I noticed color almost immediately in the form of a clear, vivid green.

Within a few minutes, a scene took shape and I found myself moving over shining landscape of bright green water and low-lying land. Gradually, the scene below and before me brightened until it was totally illuminated with a soft glowing yellow-green light.  

At the edge of my awareness, I could just make out the silhouettes of otherworldly beings, their hands apparently manipulating the luminous green-gold light.

This was not my first experience of otherworldly landscapes, luminous spiritual light, or the energy of green.  In my other experiences, however, the green light I saw was confined to a bright circle at my third eye - and my otherworldly landscapes ran to purple or blue.  

I believe that  my vision of green landscapes and the beings of that realm was triggered by the fourth chakra grid and my own inner need. In the spirit of the vision, I've become increasingly aware of my need to improve my connection with nature, the element of earth and the fairy realm  - something that might not have happened without Donna and her grid!

But what do I think of the actual powers of the crystals used?

Crystals are talked about a lot in New Age circles.  So much so, that the many meanings associated with these beautiful stones can be overwhelming.  

Sometimes, all that hype can override our fundamental connection to crystals - as a living creation of our inner earth.  In my opinion, it is this connection that transcends the standard meanings and offers a potential portal to the inner realms.  

A few days ago I attended a class given by Donna on the topic of crystals at the Inner Peace Holistic Fair and really learned a lot.  Even better - the word is that there may be more classes to come. I'm looking forward to learning more about crystals and creating my own crystal grids!

For more about upcoming classes and events at Inner Peace please check out the Inner Peace  & Metaphysics Meetup here.

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