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The Inner Peace Holistic Fair is tomorrow, Sunday October 3rd, and I can't wait.  

The fair - which is held at the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes-Barre PA - offers a full roster of holistic healers, psychics, card readers, mediums, metaphysical retailers and more.  Just as importantly, this event offers and amazing opportunity to learn.

At the last Holistic Fair, I sat in on a free presentation given by fair organizer, and owner of the Inner Peace Holistic Center, Donna Will.  Donna  - whose credentials include Colon Hydrotherapy & Kinesiology certification through the Cayce-Reilly (Edgar Cayce) School, Eden Energy Medicine certification, Cancer Massage Certification and advanced training in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy - spoke to us about the Cayce approach to health and healing with an emphasis on the digestive tract. 

A few days later, motivated by that wonderful talk, I undertook the recommended detox and made the dietary changes that would lead to a significant, and ongoing improvement, in my overall health and wellness.  Something that could not have come at a better time!

At tomorrow's fair, there will be a number of free workshops on some amazing topics including (but not limited to) energy medicine, essential oils and evidential mediumship. In the evening, Donna will be offering a workshop on the use of crystals in healing, personal astrology, working with the chakras and aura, and in creating crystal grids.

I'm thrilled to be participating in this workshop and, while all of the topics sound wonderful, I'm especially excited about the grids.

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