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Two days ago, on November 2nd, the planet Mercury joined the Sun in the sign of Scorpio and will remain there until the 20th of the month. 

Next week, November 11 (11/11), heralds the New Moon, also in Scorpio.  On that day, Mercury, the Sun AND the New Moon will all crowd together in the same powerful sign.  That this occurs on a Wednesday (the day of Mercury) is icing on top of the cake.

But what does all of this mean? 

Let's began with Scorpio.

Originally represented by the Phoenix, Scorpio is a deep, secretive sign, unafraid of endings or new beginnings.  It is a sign of introspection and mystery, with the ability to understand hidden agendas and motives. Fearless and determined, intense and complex, Scorpio possesses a sometimes difficult but always insightful energy.

Of all the signs, Scorpio is the most gifted with the power of regeneration.  As such, it is capable of fueling meaningful and far-reaching change.  And Mercury and the New Moon can create the channel that initiates that change.

Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect.  In introspective Scorpio, analytical Mercury offers a wonderful opportunity to examine our own deeply held desires and motivations.  This examination can help us to release, as well as transform. 

In the days before the New Moon (our current waning Moon phase), we may choose to identify and release blockages or negative behaviors / traits.  Just as importantly - we may find that this is the perfect time to explore issues and situations we hope to address in the next lunar cycle.

Phoenix Rising
An effective way to approach this examination is through private (private = Scorpio) forms of communication (communication = Mercury) such as journaling, poetry or fantasy writing.  

Once we have identified what we may want to work on or change, we can look to Wednesday's New Moon in Scorpio for additional information and guidance.

Keep in mind that the New Moon in Scorpio occurs when the Moon is dark and that the kind of magic or manifestation work we would ordinarily do two or three days later (when the Waxing Crescent Moon first appears) isn't appropriate when the Moon is in the dark part of its cycle.

The Dark Moon isn't the best time for putting new things into motion.  But it is still a integral part of the process of change.

According to author Demetra George (Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess) the Dark Moon was celebrated in ancient culture as a time of divination, prophecy, inspiration, illumination, regeneration and healing. As such it was a powerful and potentially transformative time.  That this New Moon occurs in Scorpio - a sign with a strong focus on transformation and regeneration - is especially relevant.

Demetra George calls the Dark Moon [the time when the moon does not reflect the light of the Sun] the "true face of the Moon" - an idea that I love.  And I can't help wondering if this idea may explain why the ancients chose to channel the Moon's energy into seeking hidden truth - through psychic practices such as divination, inspiration and prophecy - during the dark phase of its cycle.

Personally - I'm looking forward to the opportunities the next seven days have to offer.  I'm glad to have the energy of Scorpio and Mercury available to help me reflect on the things I want to change and attain.  And I feel that next Wednesday's New Moon will be a great night to focus that energy on divination, psychic communication and the oh so important first steps in the direction of inner (and outer) transformation.

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