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Today at 11:31 AM ET, November 18th 2015, the planet Neptune goes direct after a five month period of apparent backward motion known as retrograde.  This shift will occur in the sign of Pisces - the sign Neptune has occupied since 2011.

Early tomorrow morning (November 19th) will find the waxing Moon in Pisces as well.  This is important energetically because Neptune, the Moon and the sign of Pisces share many common traits.

About Neptune:

Neptune is connected to the element of water through its association with the Greek god of the sea for whom it is named.  Is is a planet that affects our dreams, psychic receptivity and creativity.  Not surprisingly, it is associated with inspiration, illusion, imagination and the psychic senses.  

Neptune is a slow moving planet, taking about 14 years to travel through any given sign.  In February of 2011, Neptune entered Pisces.  When Neptune leaves Pisces in 2024 it will not return for another 164 years!

As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune's natural house is the 12th house - the Piscean house of the subconscious, self-renewal, psychic ability, karma, transformation, and undoing. 

About Retrograde and Direct:

Neptune went retrograde on June 12, 2015.  Because of this some of us have noticed an increased sensitivity, a heightened sense of realism and a tendency towards introspection - while at the same found it hard to approach issues in an imaginative, or creative way.  Today, as Neptune goes direct, we should all begin to find it easier to envision the road that lies ahead.

About Pisces:

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac.  It is associated with water and ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter.  Pisces can be selfless, and spiritual, as well as empathetic.  The sign is considered to be highly intuitive, imaginative, changeable and creative.  Sometimes rocrastination and melancholy can be associated with Pisces too.

About the Moon:

Our nearest luminary, the Moon is associated with dreams, psychic abilities, emotions, imagination, the element of water and the inner self.  This week the Moon is in its waxing phase - a time generally considered favorable for increase and new beginnings.  

The Moon will join Neptune in the sign of Pisces on Thursday, November 19th, at 7:22 AM ET and stay there until the 21st. Making  tomorrow, and most particularly Friday night, the perfect time for journaling, divination, affirmations, dreaming, or magic / manifestation work.

Personal Transformation:

If you intend to do any personal intention setting, manifestation or magical work based upon the current lunar cycle you may wish to see where this month's New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio fell in your own natal chart.  Doing so may help you focus on themes specific to your chart.

In my own natal chart, 19 degrees Scorpio fell in the 12th House.  Because this house is associated with Neptune and Pisces I consider this to be a particularly powerful time for me to work on 12th House issues like psychic development, spiritual growth, and general transformation.

But no matter where 19 degrees Scorpio falls in your own natal chart, the connection between Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House means that all associated energies will still very much apply!

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