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I'm pleased to announce that I started my online course, Elements of Magic, with Wiccan teacher Anne Brannen / Pandora O'Mallory earlier this week.  

Because I have a family member ill with unexpected health problems, an online course works well for me at this point in time. Because I feel that I've been led to the Reclaiming and / or Feri tradition, having a teacher like Anne, who has worked and taught in the Reclaiming branch of Feri for over thirty years works even better.  

For the last seven years, I've tried to let spirit lead me in all things spiritual / metaphysical.  And this course is no exception, having got my attention through a series of events that I am beginning to think of as aventures (ah-ven-tours), a concept Anne talks about on her website.

According to Anne, an aventure (the medieval root of our modern word adventure) is a call to a spiritual or magical journey. It is something, Anne explains, that appears out of another world and it can potentially change your life. By this definition, I think that the fairy vision I had in October was an aventure and that my iron pentagram dream from a few weeks ago qualifies as well.  

I don't think it was accidental that I kept stumbling over Feri / Reclaiming material, either, or that I found Anne's craft name, Pandora O'Mallory, in the book (the Magic of the Iron Pentagram) my own iron pentagram dream suggested.

I'm really looking forward to the course and will be sharing more on my progress in the weeks to come!

About the Classes:  Anne's Reclaiming / Feri courses are offered in her Year of Aventure series. Individual classes in the series include Elements of Magic (the one I'm taking now), the Iron Pentacle (surprise :), the Pearl Pentacle, and more. 

From Anne's Website (

Drawing pentacles! Talking to deities! Magic circles! Building altars!

This class is appropriate for you if

  • Reading about the Craft is no longer enough; you want a seasoned practitioner to guide you in a systematic study of witchcraft (specifically, in the Reclaiming/Feri tradition)
  • You’d like guidance in learning how to do such things as cast a circle, create trances, and craft spells
  • You want to deepen your spiritual practice, and
  • You sense large changes coming this year, and want to negotiate them with ceremony and ritual
Yes to all of that!!

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