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The first psychic pentagram I saw came to me in meditation. It appeared as simple diagram or line drawing and there wasn't anything special about it really - except that it kept coming back.

I'd been studying the Craft for about a year at the time and had just asked for guidance and / or direction. I was happy to think that this simple vision might be a message from spirit. But I didn't feel that seeing a pentagram (or two or ten)  was telling me anything I didn't already know.

I had been feeling a little discouraged and seeing the pentagram was reassuring but I already knew that the Craft was a good fit for me.  So I thanked spirit for the psychic thumbs up and asked for more information. A few days later I had a short but memorable dream.

In the dream, I had a shovel and was digging deeply into the earth.  When I got down a couple of feet I hit something hard.  Pulling out a large round disc, I saw that it was a pentacle.  I also, very clearly saw that it was made out of iron.

I woke up pleased to have a little more pentagram specific information and looked up iron in my book of correspondences first chance I got.  In doing so, I learned that iron was associated with healing, grounding, defense, psychic ability, action, the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Scorpio, and the planet Mars. I also read that iron was thought to repel fairies.

I appreciated the additional information but was still a little confused.  I couldn't help wondering what a negative fairy-iron connection could have to do with the very positive vision I'd had of the fairy realm in early October.  And I wasn't sure which of the other correspondences fit either. I did know that the work I'd begun with the element of earth toward the end of the summer wasn't complete.  But I found myself wondering if there was more.

Hoping for clarity, I asked Goddess for even more information.

A day or two later, I noticed that there was a book on the Llewellyn review list called "Magic of the Iron Pentacle." I had seen the book before but wasn't sure if I'd find it resonant and had passed it up in favor of a book by somebody else.  Now, I decided that I should give "Magic of the Iron Pentacle" a shot.  A few pages into the book, I made an interesting connection.

I had bumped into something about the Reclaiming tradition online a week or two earlier and had ordered a book written by Starhawk (the founder of the Reclaiming tradition).  It was called "The Spiral Dance." In it I learned that Starhawk had been initiated into a tradition called Feri by Cora and Victor Anderson. Now, in my new Llewellyn review book, I learned that the iron pentacle was a practice the Anderson's shared with their students.

Later that week, a classmate mentioned talking to someone online who had (you guessed it) trained with Cora and Victor Anderson.

But does this mean that this I will be embracing the Feri (or Reclaiming) tradition?

Not necessarily.

I have to honestly admit that I never know what being led to anything will ultimately mean. When I was led to Eckhart Tolle and New Age, I learned that I believed in the evolution of consciousness. When I was led to Spiritualism, I learned how to better connect with spirit. But neither of these destinations were an endpoint for me in the same way they were for others.

I have often wished that I might discover a spiritual tradition where I would completely and unreservedly fit in. But no matter how much I want to do that (or how much I like the people I meet along the way) my partnership with the Goddess calls for my best response to each piece of guidance I'm given.  

And even if it did not, I'm pretty sure that my own love of learning would take the lead!

*Please check back for my review of "Magic of the Iron Pentacle" and at least one upcoming post on whatever peace of the puzzle I'm about to unearth. Whether that piece has to do with healing, grounding, defense, psychic ability, action, the signs of Leo and Scorpio (my sun and rising signs), the element of earth, the fairy realm, or a brand new tradition is anyone's guess.

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