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I haven't had a dedicated journal for my readings for some time.

For the last few years, in fact,  I've gotten into the habit of mixing my tarot and oracle card reading entries in with my other journal entries.   I've had a few nice journals during that time but I've also used a lot of spiral bound notebooks because they work well for daily stream of consciousness journaling.

As I worked through this series however, I decided that I wanted to have a dedicated tarot / oracle card journal and this journal (pictured above) is the one I chose to begin with.  Like all Peter Pauper journals, it is a really beautiful book with high quality paper, nice end papers and a really great binding.  It also lies flat (as do all of this company's journals)

This morning I'm putting in my very first tarot entry.

I did a big eleven card reading on my combined business ventures so it's going to probably take most of the week to work through it but I'm really looking forward to the process.  And, while that is probably the most important way of honoring the reading, having a really beautiful journal doesn't hurt either!

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