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The following list features some of my favorite decks by interest category (or theme). While this list is not inclusive it is made up of decks I either own or have owned and feel comfortable recommending.  To see featured cards from this list please see the following post: Featured Cards From the Pick Your Best Deck by Interest List
  • Alchemical: Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot and Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery.  Beautiful, well executed Pre-Raphaelite style artwork paired plenty of esoteric symbolism. Purchasing Robert Place's books in conjecture with these decks is recommended.
  • Angel: Doreen Virtue's Archangel DeckAngel Therapy or Life Purpose Oracle Decks.  Lovely, affirmative decks.  Lots of fun to work with.
  • Animal / Nature:  The Druid Animal Oracle - Incredible artwork by Bill Worthington and fascinating Celtic symbolism.  Earth Magic Oracle Cards - Great nature themed oracle deck by Steven Farmer.
  • AsianUkiyoe Tarot Deck - if you like Japanese woodblock style artwork (as I do) you'll love this deck. The Chinese Tarot - very pretty traditional Chinese images.
  • Arthurian:  The Arthurian Tarot Deck by Caitlin Matthews.  Great artwork and concepts.  A wealth of info on the legends of Arthur. Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid - beautiful imagery and messages.
  • Celtic:  The Druid Craft Tarot and  The Wildwood Tarot, Bill Worthington again.  The Druid Animal Oracle could go here too (but I put it under Animals).  Incredible artwork and symbolism.  Identifiable plants and trees add additional layers of symbolism.
  • Christian:  Robert Place's Tarot of the Saints.  Doreen Virtue's Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Deck (and other angel decks as above).  Inspiring and attractive.
  • Egyptian:  The Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barker.  Great imagery and info.  Limited availability.
  • Fairy: The Mystic Faerie - striking fantasy images by artist Linda Ravenscroft plus a great book by tarot author Barbara Moore. Fey Tarot - whimsical and enchanting fairy artwork. The Faerie's Oracle & The Heart of the Faerie's Oracle - imaginative and compelling fairy decks by artist Brian Froud.
  • Goddess: Kris Waldner's Goddess Tarot Deck - beautiful Goddess images in the major arcana (minors are less impressive IMO but still a nice deck overall).  Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle - positive deck with lovely images and write ups on the Goddesses depicted.  
  • Medieval Revival:  The Golden Tarot,  Rich, high quality deck that uses medieval artwork in a RWS style arrangement.
  • Norse: The Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett.  Great artwork and depictions of deities from the Norse pantheon.
  • New Age: Kim Dreyers Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck.  Vivid, light filled images.  Likeness of yours truly in the Reach Out card. Aquarian Tarot - Bold Art Deco style artwork.
  • Various: University Press RWS - nice pink ankh backs and pleasantly over staturated color, long OOP.  Universal Waite - indigo with stars backs and delicate coloring, nicer than the plaid RWS backings many of us grew up with.  Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set - muted earthy images said to be closest to Colman-Smith's original artwork. All great choices for learning tarot, though not always the most resonant deck for every person.
  • Wiccan: I am still looking for a great Wiccan deck.  If anyone would like to recommend one, please leave a comment below!
*To see featured cards from this list please check out these images. To read the first installment in my Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for One series please click here.
Aquarian Tarot

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