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While I share a lot of really personal things here in this blog, I don't do a lot of writing about my family and friends.  I leave this part of my life out because I want to respect the privacy of others. 

But today I did want to share that someone in my immediate family is ill and that this unexpected turn of events has made me give my big 2016 resolution a closer look.

The truth is that my emphasis has shifted and the pre-scheduled New Year's articles I posted don't accurately reflect that shift.  I do still want to publish a book in 2016 but I now feel that I have to temper that with other things that are, ultimately, more important to me.

So what does this mean in terms of the blog? 

It means that I will still be blogging my tarot book here over the next six weeks but that it will also be shorter and more to the point.  It means I intend to "publish" this condensed version as a free pdf ebook as opposed to a 99¢ Kindle book.  It is my intention to cover the same main points but to also allow myself to do so in a more streamlined way.  

I'd like to think that this approach might actually be better.  That the new shorter book will be a nice bonus for people who sign up for my list and that lightening my own load will allow me the breathing space I need to keep my priorities in line.

I have always been good at going after things with everything I have.  But sometimes success isn't about inner drive at all.  Sometimes it's about balance and flexibility and trust.  Right now I'm trusting that the things I say I believe really are the things that are true for me.  

So today I am trusting that the universe can be kind.  That we all have a job to do.  That positivity counts.  And that we should never ever give up - on dreams or people or even ourselves. 

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