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One of my closest friends is a wonderfully gifted professional card reader. Her name is Tara Miller and she reads tarot and oracle cards in a pretty cottage style home in Northeast PA. 

Clients wait for six months or more to get a reading from Tara and while there are many reasons why this is the case the one you notice the moment you walk in the door is the quality of her reading space.

Tara has a dedicated reading space. In her old house this was a separate reading room. In the new house it is not. But the two spaces have a great deal in common.

In the new space, just as in the one before, soft music is always playing and a single candle burns. The cards are laid out on a clean table covered with a beautiful blue and purple cloth. Underneath your feet is a thick intricate patterned Persian rug and there is a energy to the entire space that is nothing short of magical.

This is not an accident.

As a young girl Tara often visited a local card reader in the company of her mother. When you walked into that house, Tara once told me, it was magic and that is something I wanted to create here for my clients.

Creating that magical and sacred space is a gift to your clients, friends and family (if you read for others) but it is a gift to yourself as well.  Giving ourselves that gift is important for several reasons. A few of the most important follow.

  1. A sacred dedicated space for reading cards signals your inner self that it is time to read. This subconscious cue helps prepare the inner, receptive, right brain you for the business at hand.  Not only does your special card reading space help you achieve the desired level of consciousness, however, it helps you maintain it as well, infusing your reading with quiet and sustained inner focus.
  2. If your intention is to become an effective card reader, having your own personal reading space helps actualize that goal.  Having a space where you read cards, even if you sometimes use that space for other activities, helps bring your interest in card reading into the physical world, transforming it from something you think about to something you routinely do.
  3. A sacred reading space creates a resonant energetic field.  Over time this field will make a subtle yet pervasive energy available to anyone who occupies that particular location.  Just like the energy of any other holy space this energy can be an important aid to spiritual alignment and focus.
  4. A dedicated card reading space establishes a familiar meeting place for avatars, spirit guides, and other unseen helpers.  While not everyone who reads cards believes that spiritual beings or energies help them read, those of us who do find it helpful to establish a set place to connect with these companions.  This standing appointment can be further strengthened by reading at the same time (or approximate time such as sunrise) each day. 
Timing, in divination and in magic, is a topic in itself - one we'll talk about more in our 7th Step.  For now, however, look for a stop that you can transform into a dedicated reading space.  This can be an entire room or a TV tray set up in a quiet corner.  The important thing is to make the space appealing - and reflective of the inner you.

If you already have such a space, think about a new way to honor what you do there.  Buy (or make) a new candle in an appealing color, look for a nice table cloth or pretty place mat, set out your favorite deck of cards and say a short but heartfelt dedication.  

I guarantee that you will be creating something in both this world and the next.

For practical tips on creating your personal reading space please see my next article "Creating a Your Own Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Refuge."

To learn more about Tara, her readings and her sacred reading space, please visit  To learn more about my readings and how you can get a tarot and oracle card reading from me, please see

The reading space that I aspire to!

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