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The Druid Craft Tarot
In this first installment of my Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for One blogged book, we'll be talking about picking the right tarot or oracle deck for you and why this first step is so important.

When I first started reading tarot, there were only a few tarot decks available and very few (if any) oracle cards.  The deck of choice for most readers was the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) and this was the deck I got in a small Midwest hippie shop I visited in 1970 or 71.

While I love the RWS there have always been a couple of cards that I never really liked. Some cards (the Heirophant, for example) just don't jive with my personal belief system.

Because I grew up with the RWS, I'll always feel comfortable with that deck.  But for my personal readings, I find that a tarot or oracle deck that focuses on nature, animals, mythology and / or the Goddess (like the Wildwood or the Druidcraft) can provide some very special insights.

Alternatively, card reader with a strong Judaeo-Christian background, might find a deck like Robert Place's Tarot of the Saints Deck or Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle Deck especially insightful.  

With the hundreds, if not thousands, of decks out there, almost everyone can find a deck that speaks to them - intimately and directly.  If you already have such a deck, or if you have and love the RWS - great If not, please take the first step in the direction of effective personal card reading by taking the time to choose a resonant deck.*

Finding such a deck is important because reading for yourself can be very different than being read for. One reason for this is that when you're reading from yourself no clock is ticking.  No money is at stake.  You can take as long as you want to connect with and explore the cards laid out before you.  In fact, it's my opinion that you won't get the full benefit of reading your own cards unless you take the time to do just that.

We'll talk more about making the most of that connection in Steps 4 and 5, but the thing to remember here is that going deep into the reading is one of the most rewarding aspects of reading for yourself. And if you want to go deep into the reading, you need to go deep into yourself.  The more resonant the deck, the easier this very personal process will be.

So, out of the wide array of available decks, how can we choose the best (and most resonant) deck?

A good way to select the ideal deck is to make a list of decks with a theme that's meaningful to you. Think of a topic you find fascinating and use Amazon or my Pick Your Best Deck by Interest List to choose some potential decks.  Then check out the reviews on Amazon or Aelectic Tarot or do a google image search and take the time to browse the artwork.

If the artwork draws you in, you may find the reading process easier.  And if, over time, you find a second (or third) deck that speaks to you it's perfectly okay to alternate decks.  Just remember that in this approach* resonance is key.

To receive a free pdf of "Tarot & Oracle Card Reading for One" (plus extras) when the series is complete, please click here.

You may also wish to check out my "Pick Your Best Deck by Interest List" here, if you're looking for a new and resonant deck.

*If you want to study tarot symbolism and interpretations consider working with the RWS as well. You may even want to have two decks - one that aligns with your own energy (if the RWS does not) and a traditional RWS or RWS clone.

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