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  1. Wonderful post, Barbara. I was away in nature for ten days, taking my tarot cards with me. I had not used them for over a year, and wanted to get 'reacquainted'. I had not read this blog post yet, so was not trying out particular layouts, but over my experiments, one layout seemed to occur over and over, a simple four card layout that I soon realised coordinated precisely with my medicine wheel (which I have also not looked at for a long time), based on the four directions, each with its own power. Using this layout, I did some readings for myself, starting only with the prayer that I be shown what I most needed to know. Barbara, I was astonished, truly astonished at how relevant, how revealing each card was, and how deeply each looked into my heart and soul, bringing to light for me emotions, thoughts, attitudes that I had been hardly aware of. I can't tell you what a flood of hitherto forgotten (or repressed) memories came as I read. Often, I was in tears as I read, and I also had a short but very precise dream that revealed to me how I had really felt about a former partner but had clearly repressed. As part of my experiment, I did two very long readings with this layout, one a day, one using only the Minor Arcarna from Act to 10, the next only court cards. Frankly, I have not yet done one with the Major Arcarna because I am not ready for that depth of emotional experience again. But I will. What I learned from all this is that layout can, as you have written, be directed by spirit, intuitively set in just the pattern needed for that reading, and two, that reading for oneself can be a profound form of contemplation and self-knowing. Thank you so much, Barbara, for setting me on this course of discovery.

  2. Hi Tosca.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. To me, the kind of deep insight you've described is what reading tarot is all about. And I love that you spent 10 days in nature, taking your cards along with you - something I find very inspiring.

    I do an elemental star spread that works with the energy of the four elements / directions plus spirit which is probably very similar to your medicine wheel. I find that it can be a very powerful channel for spirit.

    I am SO touched that my posts have resonated with you!

    Thank you, Tosca, for taking this journey with me <3


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