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I recently decided to create a home gym both for myself and a family member who has been having problems with his heart.

Creating this room meant giving up my upstairs office.  So I decided to move my desk downstairs, turning our living room (which was already my book / study / card reading room) into a writing space as well.

I was happy to make this change because I felt that the home workout space would be healing for our family as a whole.

So for me it seems to me appropriate to dedicate both of these spaces tonight as part of my personal Candelmas celebration.

As holiday that honors the Goddess Brigid this feels infinitely right. Brigid is the Goddess of poetry and craft work AND healing and we have become close friends over the last few very challenging weeks.

Please join me in spirit this evening, in lighting a candle to the Goddess Brigid and sending healing energy forth to wherever it finds a home.


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