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For most of us, one of the most striking things about the cards we read with is their beautiful images - which is why decoupaging with those images can be so much fun!

Decoupaging is something that anyone can do. To decoupage with tarot cards you will need a printer with scanner, if possible.  I use an ordinary inkjet printer.  

Inkjet printers do have water based ink.  This means that it can run. But I have had no significant problems with ink running using Mod Podge (a special decoupage glue).

One of the most fun things to decoupage is a box for your cards and I love doing this because you're putting your own energy into the container that keeps your cards safe.  Decoupaged boxes can be simple or complex.  If this is your first decoupage project you might want to go with simple or if, you're feeling adventurous, try a more complex design like my Isis Box (for my Kris Waldherr Goddess Tarot Deck).

I usually get my boxes at AC Moore or Michael's or Joann's craft stores because if I go in with a coupon I can get a pretty good price but these boxes are also available on amazon.  

You will want to check the dimensions of your box to be sure your deck will fit inside (or just take your cards along like I do if you shop at a local store).  A four by six inch wooden box like this one should accommodate an average tarot deck but do double check the inside dimension - sometimes this is listed under questions people have asked and not under details - because each deck is different.  

I prefer to scan my cards and use the scanned images to decorate the box because they're my cards and this just feels more personal but you could use online images as well.

The supplies that you need are:

  1. An unfinished (or repurposed) wooden box from your local craft store (or amazon)
  2. Mod Podge or other glue if you choose to use something else.
  3. Your tarot deck or online images
  4. A inkjet (or lazar) printer with scanner if possible.
  5. A decent pair of scizzors.
  6. A brush - I use inexpensive foam scrapbooking brushes because bristle brushes can leave strands stuck to your work which is never fun!
You will want to work on a clean - pet hair and dust free surface because - but the process is pretty simple.  You will also want to carefully remove any hardware and lightly sand holes before you start to decoupage.

I like to work with one side of the box at a sitting (or less if the design is very involved), scanning, printing and cutting out all my images and arranging them dry until I get them just how I like them.  

Then I coat the back of each image with Mod Podge and put in place.  You can't move the images once they are stuck down (usually) without tearing them but one of the great things about decoupage is that, in its way, it's very forgiving because if you don't like what you have you can just go right over it with another image and the small variation in thickness isn't noticeable to most people at all.  

When you have the pieces in place brush Mod Podge over the top and let the box air dry.  

You can also decoupage or paint the inside of the box.  If I like the backs of the decks I'm working with I like to scan and print those and use them as a liner for the inside of the box.

There are a lot of options with this project - you can create a design with your images, for example, or just put a single favorite card image on the top of your box and paint the sides.  Some people like to use embellishments like glass "gemstones" or ribbon or glitter as well.

But however you design your box - please take your time.  If you do a bit at time and let the box dry in between you'll have fun - if you try to rush (like I did with my first box) you WILL get frustrated.  

My method now is to work on a TV tray in the evening when I'm hanging out with my family and enjoy the process.  But working with music playing in the background is very nice too.

Decoupage is a great medium and the results can be beautiful.  Once you've done your tarot box, you can do a tarot tray or the cover of your own tarot workbook - or really anything you want.

To see some of my boxes stop by my next card reading event in Wilkes-Barre PA (details on the event page of my website at ReadingsByBarbara/upcoming-events or on my facebook reading page

Enjoy your project and please feel free to share your results or ask any questions you might have in the comment section below!

Goddess Boxes featuring the KrisWaldherr Goddess Tarot Deck - in progress

Finished Isis Box and  KrisWaldherr Goddess Tarot Deck

Finished Isis Box and  KrisWaldherr Goddess Tarot Deck (showing inside of box)

Finished Isis Box and  KrisWaldherr Goddess Tarot Deck (close up of front)

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