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There are some dreams that are so big and so bright that you know they're going to change your life. And there are some that are ordinary.

The iron pentacle dream was the ordinary sort - so ordinary in fact that I didn't even really explore it. At least not until I came across the book. But let's backtrack.

Dream first.

I was outside. It was spring and I was digging in the soft, dark, crumbly earth as I have done many times on many different projects. But this earth seemed unusually rich. And when my shovel hit something hard, the thing that I pulled out of the ground wasn't a stone or an old brick but a round metal disk about eight or nine inches across.

I saw that the disc was iron and that it had a raised design of a circle enclosing a five pointed, line-work star.  ‘How odd,’ I thought, ‘an iron pentacle’.

I woke up and wrote down the dream. Digging. Rich earth. Iron pentacle. And then I forgot it. Or would have forgotten it. If not for the book.

I found the book a few days later on the Llewellyn review list. I had seen it before but felt sure that it wasn’t for me. Given the dream, however, I decided to check it out.

The book was called "The Magic of the Iron Pentacle." It was written by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma, and the Iron Pentacle they were talking about was a “magical tool of experiential spirituality." My kind of spirituality exactly.

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man
I was beginning to suspect that the pentacle from my dream was multiple things - a symbol, a sign and, in this case, a practice. The practice consisted of a magical construct (the pentacle) and an experiential method taught by two contemporary, but connected, traditions of witchcraft - Anderson Feri and the Reclaiming Tradition.

The construct was created, or channeled, by Victor Anderson, the founder of Feri, as a form of energy work.

In this work the five points of the Iron Pentacle align with five points on the human body. For each point there is an associated concept.

The points are identified as head, right foot, left hand, right hand, and left foot. The associated concepts are sex, pride, self, power and passion. The associations seemed odd to me at first but they began to make sense as I worked with the material and practices provided.

In working with the point one practices (head / sex), I came to appreciate how issues surrounding sex had influenced my thinking on multiple levels, affecting my self-esteem and ability to express myself.

As I explored the point two practices (right foot / pride), I realized that the concept of pride (presented here as the “right-sized” sort of pride that helps others to see us for who we really are) had some direct applications to my professional life. It also was very much connected to point one.

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My approach to the book has been to read it through first and then go back and work with the practices. Because of this I am just beginning to work with point three. But I will be continuing through all five points.

The Magic of the Iron Pentacle” isn’t only about the Iron Pentacle practices I've mentioned here, of course. It also includes some lovely spells, rituals and related activities -  including basic practices of the Craft (grounding, centering and circle casting), the alignment of the three souls, as taught in the Feri and Reclaiming traditions, and more.

As a reader, I especially appreciated the moving, and sometimes poetic, accounts of the authors’ personal experience and spiritual growth. That they have worked this process and benefited from it is obvious – as well as encouraging.

But did the iron pentacle dream lead me to this book specifically?

I think that it did, but like all gifts of spirit it led to other places as well.

Because of the dream I feel that I now have a better approach to tarot as a profession, a clearer understanding of where I fit in terms of the Craft, a more focused attitude toward my current full-length book project, and more experiential approach to the practice of magic.

And when it came to the magic "The Magic of the Iron Pentacle" was key.  I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in practical witchcraft, inner work, or transformational magic!

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