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Thursday Rally - Photo by Andrew Bernoski
On April 21st I heard Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders speak.

Addressing a capacity crowd at the Scranton PA Cultural Center, Bernie Sanders talked, not about himself, but about where he stood on issue after issue.

And every one of his ideas seemed infinitely reasonable.  So reasonable in fact that many of them are already in effect in progressive countries all over the world.

At the heart of Bernie Sanders' message is the idea that our system is fundamentally unfair. That the wealthy (much less than) 1% influence lawmaking through a corrupt campaign finance system.  And that this influence is much more serious than it sounds.

Because the wealthy make the laws we have corporate bailouts, the outsourcing of jobs, a shrinking middle class, and an economy that places the burden of supplying food stamps and medical care to the employees of some of the richest people in the world on ordinary taxpayers like you and me.

Last night, making calls for Bernie, I spoke to a 91 year old man who told me that we need the rich, that they create jobs, and that we couldn't get by without them.

Sadly many people do have the idea that Bernie Sanders wants to redistribute wealth which is just not the case.  What he does want to do is make families like the Walton's (the owners of Walmart and the richest family in the US) use their profits to pay their employees a living wage.  What he does want is for all young people to be able to go to college.  To RAISE Social Security.  To stop providing unfair advantages to the wealthy who simply do not need - or deserve - our support.

Bernie Sanders has consistently voted against disastrous trade agreements, fracking, unjust wars and corporate welfare.  All things that were supported by Hillary Clinton.  All things that no so coincidentally help the rich get richer.

Hillary is all over the media.  In subtle, and not so subtle, attempts at brainwashing we know what kind of books she reads, what sort of exercise she does or doesn't do, and what her favorite snack foods are. I don't know any of those things about Bernie - but I do know that Hillary Clinton is not my friend.

And the good news is, that while an elderly gentleman from central PA, may not see through this millions of young people do.

Last Thursday afternoon, surrounded by enthusiastic young people (some of whom were still too young to vote) I felt better about the future of our country than I have in a very long time.

As a card reader, I often tell people that the truth is fluid, that it changes minute by minute and beat by beat.  Just by sitting down for this reading, I say, you have changed the future.  And with every phone call we make, every door we knock on, we have changed it too.

The truth is that none of us knows what will come of tomorrow's primary or the one after that - and that includes media. Don't let them tell you what kind of future you can have!

And before you vote, please do your homework on Hillary Clinton or see my post "Why I Support Bernie Sanders."

To make calls for Bernie visit  It isn't too late until we let it be so!

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  1. Very poignant points! It looks like many people are still easily controlled by corporate media and the establishment politics, at least on the Democrat side, which is ironic. People seem to be much more complicit with popularity cult then by issues and reason. Sad!

    I hope the young generation will change all of this not to far into the future, because at some point the damage will be irreversible.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Amos!

      It is sad. But I think the younger is generation is playing a big role in changing things as we speak. People are waking up and seeing things for what they are. And that process is much harder to stop than it is to start.

      Yesterday, in our local Bernie field office I talked to a volunteer who served in Viet Nam. I remember Viet Nam and the anti-war movement and energy of revolution. It wasn't possible then but I think, in a very different way, it is happening now.

      Fear-based thinking is still a problem. People are voting Hillary because they are afraid of Trump. I believe that both "sides" want Hillary and Trump is nothing more than a very noisy spoiler - whether he knows it or not.

      As in everything, awareness is the key. But the revolution, in my opinion, is already here.


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