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This morning, in Northeast PA, there is snow on the ground and the wind gusting over our mountain is cold.  But the sun is bright - that special early morning Sunday in Spring kind of bright that carries the energy of fresh starts and new beginning.

So I took a look at the astrology of this month's Sun and the Moon in order to better understand how to harness that energy and I wanted to share my takeaway here.

The April Sun:

The Sun is the sign of Aries until the 19th and Aries is fierce warrior kind of sign, full of passion and courage.  Its fiery energy may burn out at some point during the long haul but the momentum does carry.  And that's a good thing because if your Spring is anything like mine - you've got a lot to do!

For me, last week (and the week before) was devoted to cutting hedges and clearing.  Yesterday we built a big flower box, intended to anchor the fence which has been steadily but significantly shifting in the mountain wind.  Working outside in that wind yesterday afternoon and into the evening wasn't fun but I did feel that I was channeling some much needed Aries energy.

When Sun will enters Taurus on the 19th, that energy may shift.  We may find a little harder to start
new projects, but those that are in progress should fall into a pleasant and sometimes more efficient rhythm.

The April  Moon:

This month's New Moon in Aries occurs on the 7th, then quickly slips into Taurus. Making this a great time to plan our long-term home or work or creative projects and then set those things in motion - combining Aries momentum with the stamina of Taurus.

The Full Moon is on the 22nd in my rising sign of Scorpio and this is always a very special Moon for me.  Scorpio, like its original symbol the Phoenix, is the essence of change - something that is reinforced by the retrograde energy of both Saturn and Pluto - which are both in effect at the time of this Full Moon.

So over the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a lot of journaling (and card reading) to identify the goals I want to set and the things I want to transform with the help of the coming Full Moon!

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