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Isis with Throne Crown
Eight years ago, I had a very special and highly unusual dream.  This dream (posted here) was complex and coherent and the imagery was amazing.  I knew that it meant something.  But I didn't recognize it for what it really was - at the time.  

It took several other dreams and visions and messages (and years!) before I could put that first dream into a meaningful perspective.  But when I finally did, I felt sure that I'd connected with an ancient (and very personal) aspect of the Goddess and I believe that I continue to connect with that energy, quite directly, to the present day.

This always surprises people but the truth is that making these kind of connections isn't unusual - or new.  In fact, people have been working with individual Goddesses and Gods since the beginning of our collective history.  Probably because it works!

But what is a deity exactly and how can developing a relationship with such a being help us along on our spiritual path?

A deity, from my prospective, is a divine and identifiable energy - a specific, and very often named, spiritual being known to us as an individual Goddess or a God.

A lot of people consider personal deities to be ascended (at one time mortal) beings and some scholars do suggest that Goddesses like Isis and Inanna may have once have been associated with earthly Priestesses or Queens.  

In other pantheons or cultures, a deity may be connected to an honored ancestor as in the case of the Welsh Goddess Arrianrhod and her father the semi-legndary Beli Mawr.

Some people (like myself) consider an deity to be distinct spiritual being existing on an alternate energetic plane.

While others consider individual Goddesses and Gods to be aspects of the larger and more cohesive energy of the divine.

Perhaps there is some truth in each of these perspectives in the same way that there is truth in the idea that light is both a particular and a wave.  Perhaps things have a complexity in the higher dimensions in way that isn't possible in 3D.

I believe that the deities I connect with are projections of divine energy.  But I also believe that this energy is a very real and very distinct spiritual current that can be traced backwards through some very big tracts of time.  I accept that these currents may make connections in the higher realms that I cannot properly understand from my own inherently materialistic point of view. 

I believe that all Goddesses are connected in the same that all human souls are connected - but I believe that they are individuals as well.

This is the mystery and I have learned to let it be as is.

Some people consider working with the energy of a deity to be somehow less evolved than working with the "one" (or to my mind probably more correctly "unified" or "collective") God.  But for some of us, the God (or Goddess) of the capital G is an abstraction too far removed from our own experience here on the ground to really be effective in a practical or ordinary way. 

Isis and Thoth
This doesn't make monotheism incorrect, but it does make it less workable for some than for others and I think that it each of us should align with what works best for us.

In my own spiritual experience, individual deities are very much invested in our lives.  And while they do not always share our priorities they are whole-heartedly committed to helping us realize our life mission or greater purpose - no matter what it takes.

For me, the first step in connecting with the Goddess to work with them in my dreams.  From there I went on to develop my psychic senses or connect with my inner truth through activities like journaling, meditation, spending time in nature, and divinatory work.  But we can do these things in whatever order works best for us.

I do consider spiritual study (particularly of the ancient texts or commentary) to be very helpful, as well.  The ancients were, in my opinion, much closer to spirit than we have been (as a collective) for the greater part of our history - but I think that it is also important to keep in mind that even the work of the illuminated ancients are based upon the experience of human beings not so very different from you or me.

In other words - I believe that our experience should align with ancient wisdom but not be limited or defined by any research we might do.  Our deities are, first and foremost, living spiritual energies and they share living spiritual truths!

Writing about the divine (even in a short article such as this) doesn't come easily for me - which makes it interesting that the book I have felt called to write focuses on the Goddess and her practices.

This post marks my first attempt to put a bit of that information out there in a deliberate way.  But I was at a bonfire last night and we burned a piece of birch and released our fears and here I am doing my best to follow through!

Tomorrow, in honor of Mother's Day, I'll be taking another step by sharing a bit on my own experience of the Goddess for the topic segment of my radio show (which is followed by on-air tarot readings to anyone who calls in).

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And -

~~ Happy Mother's Day to All! ~~

Inanna Queen of Heaven (a title used for Isis as well)
To read ancient hymns to Inanna, please check out Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth for an experiential approach to the Goddess Isis check out The Isis Oracle (by Kuan Yin Oracle deck creator Alana Fairchild) - a very powerful deck I hope to review in the next week or two!

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