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Heart Charka from Conscious Spirit Oracle
The Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck features the beautiful images of artist Kim Dreyer and is filled with vivid colors and brilliant bursts of light that are the hallmark of all Dreyer's work.  But the healing energy of the cards and the wisdom of the accompanying booklet that make this deck should not be overlooked!

I love tarot and have been reading professionally primarily with tarot cards for many years both face to face and via my website  But I also like to incorporate oracle cards, like the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck, into my readings.

My method in reading is to began with a 10 card Celtic Cross tarot layout and draw additional cards on any areas that require further exploration.

Recently I have begun to incorporate my own Elemental Energy layout (below) into certain readings. This is a simple spread that assigns a place for each of the elements plus spirit to help identify element strengths and weakness.  

I'll be going into the Elemental Energy spread in more detail in my upcoming eBook (Card Reading for One).  The point I'd like to make here is that the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck is a good fit for this purpose

Spirit Awakens from Conscious Spirit Oracle
My intention in reading for others (and for myself) is not to be predictive but to increase insight and individual empowerment.  I have also recently felt myself moving towards a definite healing focus in my readings.  As I go further in this direction I find myself  resonating with the energy and elemental work more and more.

You can see my most recent reading with the Conscious Spirit Oracle deck below.  This was a general self-healing reading which worked for me on several different levels.
  • The vivid color and inner light of the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck artwork helped engage my subconscious intuitive self and helped me connect my personal experience with the message of the cards.  
  • The chakra cards I received provided a point of departure for my healing work in removing elemental blocks.  
  • The insightful interpretations accurately applied to my healing work.
My Reading:  Here is a brief write-up of the cards I received and the information I found particularly helpful.  I found it interesting that some very appropriate chakra cards came up where they did and really like the energy of this lovely deck!
  1. Spirit / Element of Ether:  Card # 17 Heart Chakra: Message on the Card -  I love myself and others unconditionally and nurture loving relationships.  I found this resonant because, while I love to read and write and create, I am learning that my inner path to spirit is through my heart and relationships.  According to the booklet, the Sanskrit name for the Heart chakra is Anahata which means unstuck which makes a lot of sense to me - as does the advice to look at where my insecurities come from and to communicate more with my inner self.
    Root Chakra from Conscious Spirit Oracle 
  2. North / Element of Earth:  Card # 5 Root Chakra; Message - I have everything I need to survive and grow on the physical plane. Accurate. Establishing a better connection to Earth is very important and what I already have is enough. From the booklet: This card has appeared to remind you that your lack of self-esteem comes from measuring your life against others. Your basic needs will be attended to only if you follow your own truth,  By doing this you will gain confidence and find that you are able to manifest all that you need,.  It is importan to ground yourself to the Earth to balance this chakra.  Balancing your root chakra...will assist you in finding limitless energy.  Very resonant!
  3. East / Element of Air: Card # 1 Spirit Awakens: Message - I embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully. Air is inspiration and communication and sharing my light with the world through my blog and other writing is, in fact, my path.  From the booklet: This cards is a reminder to you that the spirit aspect of self...must be acknowledge and nurtured...Perhaps you place too much emphasis on...your mind.  By awakening the spirit within you are able to becaome aligned to your soul purpose.  The booklet also talks about honoring your own path (I do) and merging my upper and lower chakras at the heart which I been recently guided to do!
  4. South / Element of Fire: Card #19 A Nurturing Heart / Mother: Message I am a protective spirit and reach out to all life with love and compassion.  I think that this is a gentle reminder that the way I can keep my own inner spark alive is by helping others. Booklet talks about taking back our feminine power to nurture people, animals, plants and Mother Earth.
  5. West / Element of Water: Card #20 Throat Chakra: Message - I speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs.  For me, this has to do with my healing and psychic work.  A reminder not to censor the information I receive and to encourage others to be true to themselves as well.  From the booklet: The Throat Chakra is linked to sound, communication and self permissions....Your words have great power over your own life as well as the lives of others.  If you can't think of positive uplifting thing to is sometimes best to say nothing. ..Speaking your own truth standing up for your rights and beliefs is also an aspect of a balanced Throat Chakra...[which] opens you to your own inner creativity...  This definitely fits as well!
Elemental Energy Reading with the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck
One more kind of cool thing, when Kim Dreyer was developing this beautiful deck, she did a giveaway.  The winner got to be featured IN the deck. And I was the winner!  Because I'm vain I gave her an old (pre failing eyesight) photo to work from. I think she did a wonderful job.  Don't you?

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