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The New Moon is controversial among some earth-based practitioners but to me, it is a time for releasing things that are especially troublesome and very deeply ingrained.

Today's New Moon / Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo is an annular solar eclipse (creating visible coronal ring “ring of fire” which is sadly not visible in the US). 

Because this Eclipse is close to the Moon's North Node at 12 degrees Virgo it packs a very powerful punch! 

The resulting energy can help us to open a doorway and begin a new cycle and, to me, it makes no sense to step through that doorway carrying anything that is going to weigh me down or throw me off course. 

So in deciding just what I wanted to get rid of I considered the sign of Virgo and what it means to me.

Because Virgo is an Earth sign falling at harvest time, I thought about things that keep me from creating the most resonant harvest (home and career) that I can.  I also looking at things that prevent me from doing the things I feel called to do here on the ground (life purpose or path).

The blockages that interfere with my ability to do these things as well as I can are dark, sticky things that I've been carrying around for a while and, to me, the energy of the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to get rid of them.  I took a few minutes to journal about what has been hanging me up and then I decided to create quick simple ritual.

This is a ritual BTW that anyone can do.  If you don't have an altar or cauldron or black and white candle - any clean space, single white candle and a small fireproof plate will do.

First I created sacred space by envisioning a bubble of light all around me and connected with Spirit. Then I added a bit of Hyssop to my cauldron (for purification) and sat down at my altar, lit two candles - a black one to pull energy in - or in this case out of me - and a white one to radiate or release it - and wrote down a few things I'd like to release on some small strips of paper. 

I hereby release anything interfering with my ability to create _____ that I want...for my highest good.

I said a few words, and read what I had written.  As I finished reading each one I lit it from the black, then the white candle and dropped it into the cauldron (on top of the Hyssop) to burn out.  When all four were ashes, I meditated for a few minutes and wrote this up while the candles burned down.  In a few minutes I'll go out out in the yard and bury the ashes.

Maybe it's just that I skipped lunch but I could swear that I already feel lighter!

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