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I have found reading my own cards to a truly transformational journey, filled with insights and affirmations.  But it wasn't always that way.

For a long time, I asked the usual questions in the usual way.  I asked about raises and phone calls and what was going to happen next - as if my life was a story that somebody else was in charge of.  

I tossed out the cards and then I tossed them again.  Asking the same questions.  Looking for validation.  Hoping my luck would change.  And missing the point of reading cards entirely!

I knew I was missing the point, of course, without really knowing just how I was missing it.  I knew that fishing for answers wasn't really helping me - at least not in the way I needed to be helped.  So I started journaling on my readings and as I did my readings began to change. 

Over time, I noticed that I had stopped asking disempowering questions about what was going to happen to me and what other people might do and had begun to ask other more interesting questions.

Why don't I feel okay with this?

What do I need to learn?

How can I change my approach?

What is important here?

And why?

Without even trying I found myself going deeper into the reading.  I began to explore it.  To reflect on it.  To honor it.  And as I did, I began to honor myself as well. 

Journaling on my readings taught me that I had the answers.  It taught me that I had the power.  And it taught me that the most important questions were those I asked myself.

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