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I woke up this morning thinking about the upcoming presidential election and all that is at stake.

In the primaries I supported Bernie Sanders. In retrospect, I know that I could have done more and I really wish that I had. I didn't put my life on hold but I did make calls, give money and even knock on doors.

I did those things because I believed in Bernie Sanders and what he stood for and I still do - which is one of the reasons why I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton in two days time.

To me, Hillary is a little like many of the Northeast PA politicians I've seen come and go over the years.  She certainly isn't perfect, but she is good at what she does. She knows how to negotiate. She understands diplomacy. She understands the issues. And she'll want a second term.

Getting a second term means that she'll need those of us who supported Bernie which is one clear reason why she'll honor the promises that Bernie had her make. But it isn't only that.  

I actually believe that Hillary wants to make our country a better place. Not as much as Bernie did, perhaps - but much, much more, in my opinion, than Donald Trump.

We've all heard the commercials. We've all heard Donald Trump insult and humiliate the handicapped, woman who don't meet his standards, women who do meet his standards, and an entire ethnic group. But hearing all of that isn't enough. We also have to ask ourselves just what saying those things really means and if we agree.

Do we believe that everyone who isn't rich is a loser? Do we believe that "making America great" means making it great for everyone or making it great for a few? 

Are we comfortable with a president who impulsively lashes out? Do we think that's safe?

Do we believe that anyone other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can possibly win the presidency?

Do we believe that people are more than their disabilities?  Do we believe that women are more than their appearance? Do we believe that every human being has the same underlying light?  

To me, the most troubling thing about this election is that I know some very good people who plan to vote for Trump. I know that they aren't elitist or divisive but that they're just fed up with the political system as is. This I understand.  

But, to me, tearing it all down just is not the answer. It isn't what Bernie Sanders wanted and I don't think it's what most of us want either. I believe that most of us want to make it better.  Voting for Hillary may not be the perfect way to do that. But like it or not, at this point in the game, the choice is either or.  

Let's hold Hillary to her promises. Let's work to put the right people in place the next time around. Let's begin to change the world on Wednesday. But before we do, let's play the cards we have.

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