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On Tuesday November 15th I'll be doing my first Mystic Radio radio interview in what seems like forever. And I'm excited to say that my first guest is angel practitioner, author, radio host and teacher Maria G. Maas.

Maria's book  Angel Practitioner Handbook: A Foundation Guide is an insightful and very comprehensive guide to connecting with the angels. It shares highly understandable information on angels, angel communication, angelic rays, spiritual discernment, energy and vibration, the chakras and more.  

The Angel Practitioner Handbook also provides some very nice guided meditations as well as some of the information Maria has received in her own angel meditations.   

One thing I really appreciated was that Maria's book was both practical and focused, covering all relevant angel topics without a speck of fluff or filler. 

While the Angel Practitioner Handbook  does serve as a companion to Maria's Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course, it is a standalone work as well. While readers may wish to explore Maria's course, they will get a great deal of angel related information from the book alone.

To learn more about Maria and her work, please join us next Tuesday November 15th on Mystic Radio at the following link:

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