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This New Year's Eve falls on the newish (waxing) Moon in Aquarius which is gives all of our New Year's resolutions a great big boost.  

Aquarius is the water bearer - an air sign, that calls in the wind of change.  It is also the sign of freedom and expanded awareness. 

And for me this is absolutely perfect.  I am ready to let go of old patterns and perspectives.  I am ready to take the next air-born leap.

To me the most exciting thing about Aquarius is that it is a sign of innovation AND the collective - which alungs well with New Year's resolutions having to do with any kind of media or group communication. 

So if you have a message to share with an expanding audience set your 2017 intention and make it big! 

For more on New Year's Resolutions please see A Writer's New Year's Resolutions: Evaluating and Revising

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