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Tonight at 7:06 PM ET the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini.  

As a writer, I love the sign of Gemini. As a metaphysician I love the energy of the Full Moon. So for me this is a win, win event.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is the planet of communication. Its energy affects how we study and learn and express ourselves. It helps us get our point across in all situations. Which means that tonight is the perfect time to set our intentions for clarity of communication.

But Mercury is also the messenger of the gods. This means that on an energetic level tonight is a wonderful time to seek out extra-dimensional (or spiritual) guidance. Something I really need right now.

To strengthen our intention for improved communication on all levels in our lives, ground and center and surround yourself in a bubble of white and silver light. Light a blue or silver candle and release all impediments to perfect communication and clarity in all dimensions and every direction in time.  

You may want to have ambient or New Age or religious music playing. Myrrh incense which aligns with the lunar energies could be burned.

Take a few moment to raise your vibration then reach out to your guides or your angels or your higher self.  Set an intention related to communication.  This intention could be for better communication within your relationships or relate to projects that involves communication - or both.

Now listen to what your guides have to say.  Write it down in your journal.  If anything is confusing ask for clarity or draw a tarot and oracle card for extra insight.  

This is what I will be doing early this evening.  I hope you will join me!

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